Eirodziesma 2011: 5 Acts Qualify

Latvia – The first semi-final of the Latvian national final “Eirodziesma 2011″ for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf was held in Ventspils tonight. 10 songs competed for a place in the final. 5 directly qualified while the other 5 songs  go to the second chance round. Out of the 10 non-qualifiers from the two semi-finals another 2 will get the chance to qualify for the final set to be held on February 26. These are tonight’s qualifiers:

Directly qualified for the Final:

  • D-Family – Daylight
  • Evija Sloka – Don’t stop the dance
  • Pieneņu vīns – You are
  • Jānis Stībelis – Let it be me
  • Blitze – Hop

In the Second Chance Round:

  • Ģirts Zebuliņš & Atis Zviedris – Rough enough
  • Sabīne Berezina – Let me be
  • Dace Upīte & Nikolajs Pizkovs – It’s not easy
  • Liene Bronuša – Love is like an aeroplane
  • Ineta Rudzīte & Uldis Timma – Walking on my tiptoes


Among the qualifying entries is the song “Hop” written by Mārtins Freimanis, who died of the flu 2 weeks ago.

Latvia will compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 12
In our own pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout 2011” Latvia will compete in Heat 11 against Hungary and Denmark

17 comments on “Eirodziesma 2011: 5 Acts Qualify

  1. i’ll comment once ill watch the 10 songs/performances

  2. ‘You are’, ‘Hop’ and ‘Don’t stop the dance’ are in the final. Congratulations.

    The best songs are in the 2nd semi: ‘Magnet’, ‘Angel in disguise’ and ‘Live on’.

    P.S.: the Lithuanian results are out – Monika (1st place ), The Independent (2nd) and Sasha Song (3rd) are in the final.

    • yay for the top 3 they were among my faves, except Sasha Son was a bit typical but he’s such a fine (and hot looking) singer…

      • I am beginning to believe that Monika may win the Lithuanian NF, Morgan. She is a classy live singer. The Independent have a very good song too. I would have chosen Gintaré as the 3rd qualifier instead of Sasha. He’s a great live singer, but ‘The slogan of our nation’ is pretentious and over the top, imo.

      • i didnt watch yet!! i cant wait lithuania was great the past two years in NF but i loved monika and independant in audio!

  3. I haven’t watched it either. I was referring to the studio versions and to what I read on ESC Daily.

  4. Thanks, Morgan.

  5. Finally watched the entire show, here’s my opinion : the songs suck, only two are actually decent pieces of music, the rest goes from lame to crap and that’s me being nice right there… not to mention the very amateurish lives and some poor vocals, and you get why Sweden or Norway remain so popular… On the other hand, the show was fairly well hosted, a bit like the old Eirodziesma that made Latvia a great NF country, remember 06 and 07 for instance? Anyway here’s my ranking :

    06 Pienenu Vins – You Are (simple strong performance, good vocals, cool disco song)
    08 Janis Stibelis – Let It Be Me (cheap overall, but it made me smile in a good way, fine enough song)
    02 Dace Upite & Nikolajs Puzikovs – It’s Not Easy (the guy looks hot, the girl can sing)
    03 D-Family – Daylight (they’re not all as strong, that was disappointing then)
    01 Blitze – Hop (nice singer, but the performance is a mess and that song “hop”? no)
    07 Evija Sloka – Don’t Stop the Dance (it’s annoyingly bad)
    05 Sabine Berezina – Let Me Be (it’s badly annoying)
    04 Inta Rudzite & Uldis Timma – Walking on My Tiptoes (oh my god, it’s so lame what the hell is that?)
    09 Girts Zebulinš & Atis Zviedrs – Rough Enough (they can’t sing, there’s no melody)
    10 LieneCandy – Love Is Like an Aeroplane (this should be forbidden, scooch was good in comparison)

  6. Well, certainly better than in neighbouring Lithuania. I like 3 acts that have qualified: Pieneņu vīns, Jānis Stībelis (love the drummer …) and Blitze. From those that did not qualify, I did not like enything although I admit that I enjoyed watching ‘Walking on My Tiptoes’ in a very, very wicked way …

  7. ‘You are’, ‘Hop’ and ‘Don’t stop the dance’ are in the final. Congratulations.

    The best songs are in the 2nd semi: ‘Magnet’, ‘Angel in disguise’ and ‘Live on’.

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