Albania: Aurela Gace to Sing in English

Albania – Aurela Gace has confirmed on her website that her Eurovision entry “Kenga ime” will, as expected, be translated into English for the performance in Düsseldorf. Gace will fly to Los Angeles to record the new version. They are considering to leave the chorus in Albanian tough. Since Albania debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest the winner of the traditional and popular “Festivali i Këngës” was sent to Eurovision. All songs in this festival have to be performed in Albanian. For the Eurovision stage, however, the songs are usually translated into English.

A video will also be shot to promote the song. It will probably be released in the middle of March. Albania will compete in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10. In our own pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout 2011” Albania will compete in Heat 14 against Sweden, Belgium and Malta

14 comments on “Albania: Aurela Gace to Sing in English

  1. Oh well, we kinda knew this was going to happen. Booh!

    P.S.: on a more serious note, Albania 11 is a strange song. There are days when I like it very much and then there are others when I can’t stand her shouty voice. It’s a conundrum. :)

  2. “Albania 11 is a strange song. There are days when I like it very much and then there are others when I can’t stand her shouty voice. It’s a conundrum. :)”

    Same here, I have given up on ranking this song. I guess that I like the idea behind this song (and therefore want to love it) but not the way it is executed (and therefore cannot love it) …

  3. I wonder if they’ll actually go for 50/50. Singing in English for Albania, wow what a surprise. :p

  4. Very poor decision – pitiful, despicable even, especially after the announcement of the glorious choice by the French delegation to send a Corsican bolero.

    • Agree 100%. The best part of that strange song is that it is mysterious because you don’t understand it and the Albanian language fits perferctly here. If they don’t revamp it A LOT I don’t think Albania will qualify

  5. Well, i like this song, and i probably will like English version… Albania takes Eurovision very seriously lately (2009,2010 were great for Albania-even do they didnt make it high with the results) and i think that this year they will also have great performance…
    So far Albania is no 1 on my list succeded by Swizerland, Romania and Netherlands…

  6. I like 2009, but that performance…I love the 4-minute Albanian version since you can hear some instruments you don’t on the English one.

    • The only good thing about Albania’s 2009 performance were the twins imo. I did neither like Kesi’s dress nor that green … thing. And I agree, the 4-minute Albanian version is much better (instrumentation, weird accent in English: “Këri mi in jur drims” :))

  7. the best albanian esc songs 2006 and 2008 were kept in albania, what does that say to you?

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