Ireland: Snippet of Jedward’s ‘Lipstick’

Ireland – amazon.co.uk has released a snippet of the Jedward’s entry for the Irish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. Here you can listen to the song. It had been announced earlier that X-Factor star Rebecca Creighton would join the Jedward twins in their quest to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest. There is no female voice to be heard in the snippet so we have to wait for more detailed information about how Rebecca will be integrated into the song. The twins and Creighton had already discussed a musical collaboration after meeting backstage at one of the X-Factor shows. “They have a great following but I know they get a mixed reaction and not everyone loves them. They’re just two young boys having the craic. People have to listen to the song first before deciding whether they like it or not and not just switch off because it’s them. I hope they’ll support us,” Rebacca said.

UPDATE: The snippet has been removed from amazon. You may listen to it here!

RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster has already announced the titles, composers and writers of the 5 songs vying to represent Ireland in Düsseldorf. Apart from the Jedward Twins and Rebecca Creighton, the Vard Sisters, Nikki Kavanagh and Don Mescall as well as newly formed quartet will perform their songs on February 11. The Irish entry will be chosen in a special edition of the Late Late Show. Each of the artists will be coached by a special Irish show business personality. These are the songs:

  • Don MascallTalking with Jennifer (Ronan Hardiman & Don Mescall);   Mentor: Ronan Hardiman
  • Jedward – Lipstick (Dan Priddy, Martin Larsson, Lars Jensen) ;   Mentor: Caroline Downey-Desmond
  • TBA – Shine on (Patrick Mahoney);  Mentor: Willie Kavanagh
  • The Vard Sisters – Send me an angel (Liam Lawton);  Mentor: Liam Lawton
  • Nikky Kavanagh – Falling (Jonas Gladikoff, Hanif Sabzevari, Christina Schilling, Camilla Gottschalck) ; Mentor: David Hayes

Ireland will compete in the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 12. In our own pre-Eurovision competition “The Eurovision Knockout 2011” Ireland will compete in Heat 5 against Greece and San Marino.

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45 comments on “Ireland: Snippet of Jedward’s ‘Lipstick’

  1. from looks and audio, i think they wanna go gaga

    • interesting all the songwriters for the other four entries are irish, Jedward had to go and get someone outside the country. I feel they have had too much publicity. What about the other talented musicians and songwriters and singers. They dont even use auto tune. They are fun but knowing them from before they became famous too into them. All they talk about is themselves so boring

  2. i dont why, but I cant still believe their in NF.. I really thought this guys were a joke!! Am I wrong again :(

  3. they need to win this if they are to dominate the world and meet Britney

  4. they are a joke but fun all the kiddies from 7 to 16 and losers over that age like the cesters that follow them from the Uk will be voting for them its in the bag

  5. With a jury in the Irish national final, Jedward will be lucky to get to Eurovision.
    It would be so bad for Ireland, the most successful nation in the contest, to have sent a turkey and these twins within the space of four years.

  6. the song is catchy and modern, this is what eurovision wants.

  7. Sin comentarios : x

  8. I thought every had an agreement that songs wouldn’t be made public until the night of the preselection…or did I confuse Ireland’s selection with others?

  9. I think Lipstick is surprisingly catchy and I wouldn’t mind if Jedward represented us in May – people will know who they are, they stand out from the crowd and hopefully will create an interest! You never know what song will win eurovision, its so hard to tell but I think Jed are new & fresh!
    On the night of Eurosong I will be unbiased and vote for the act who I think will bring us the furthest in the competition – its sad to think that the Irish eurovision legacy might never redeem itself, so what’s the harm, they might surprise everyone and do Ireland proud! :)

    • I think the problem might be that Europeans (exept maybe the UK) will probably not get why the Irish like these guys.
      You are an island ;) people over here are just a bit different

    • In terms of entertainment value, Yohanna would absolutely trounce them both (John & Edward) with her new, better song Nótt providing she officially represent Iceland.

    • In terms of entertainment value Yohanna would absolutely trounce them both (John & Edward) with her new, superior song Nótt providing she officially represent Iceland.

  10. I have not heard the snippet nor am I going to.

    Atm, I am leaning towards The Vard Sisters and the mystery act.

  11. I’ve heard the preview of Jedward’s Lipstick and judging by the preview, I’ve got a gut feeling that Europe would prefer Nikki Kavanagh instead of Jedward.

  12. I love their hairstyle:D

  13. Hi, I’m from Poland and I want Jedward for ESC 2011. Lipstick is awesome, really. Send this.

  14. Snippet sounds good… I woud like to see Ireland this year with some good, fast song…

  15. Sounds as if Ireland will not make it into final.

  16. If Ireland pick Jedward they don’t deserve to get to the final, when most countries take the contest more seriously why send a joke? Remember Dustin the Turkey?

  17. Jedward are fantastic…..brill and I hope they win the Irish vote and get through…great lads and will bring a ray of light to this sad country at the min,,,go lads…love ye….

  18. I love these boys with all my heart, but despite their very European look, I don’t think the rest of Europe will get it; remember Dustin the Turkey? But then, the Irish had a good song last year but still did badly.
    I think that the Eurovision people should change their voting system though, because bloc voting has killed the contest – has everyone noticed that the Scandiavians are always voting for each other?

  19. Absolutely totally awful! Sorry Ireland, but it’s a pain to hear and watch. I don’t want to see this in the final in Düsseldorf. I like Ireland, so far I liked nearly every song send by your wonderful country to Eurovision but this is for me by far the worst you ever send.

  20. Had it been just Ireland voting in their final I think Nikki would have won, the Irish final included many votes from Northern Ireland and voters from the UK too.

  21. Both Jedward should have a better song than stupid Lipstick, why can the pair teamed up with those stupid Girls Aloud called ‘Spirit in The Sky’ now they would be interesting to get their careers back in track, let’s hope the stupid pair sucked with this stupid not very funny song I’m afraid.

  22. I really would hope Jedward’s single flopped in the UK for good, I just don’t like the pair they are really annoying and unfunny today’s stupid Madonna wannabes are really bad today I’m afraid, They were very stupid and I don’t like them in that stupid bad talent show The X Factor now its making it translation in the USA and it FUCKED UP THE WHOLE US MUSIC INDUSTRY and it sucked if you ask me it’s just so uncomfortable I hate Lady Gaga that cunt and the lame Cheeky Girls wannabes Jedward please oh plese kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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