Germany: The Raab Problem

Germany – Stefan Raab, who developed the German preselection format in 2010 that discovered Lena Meyer Landrut and thus brought the Central European country its first Eurovision victory in 28 years, might cause  a major conflict of interest. Raab has written at least 3 entries for Lena in this year’s German song selection and has also been confirmed to be the male host of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. Should one of Raab’s songs be chosen as the German entry there would be a major conflict of interest. After Zejlko Joksimovic hosted the 2008 contest while also being the composer of the Serbian entry, the EBU has established a rule to avoid such constellations. Should one of Raab’s songs be chosen (Highly unlikely in my opinion) he would probably have to give up his job as host. In that case Hape Kerkeling might step in for him.

I’m in two minds now. Should I vote for my favourite song in the selection or for a Raab song in order to spare Europe of Raabs stupid jokes, bad english and countless ‘ähm’s’ ;) In my opinion it is already too much that Raab is a panelist of the German preselection and the mentor of the German representative. He has turned Eurovision into a Raab show and thats a problem.

4 thoughts on “Germany: The Raab Problem

  1. I would say that it’s all about Raab’s ego when it comes to Germany 11. I sincerely hope he does not get in the way of the best song on offer, if it happens not to be one of his.

  2. Vote for your favourite song; I do the same… I don’t want that our country will be represented by a Raab song again.
    “Taken By A Stranger” has to win. Moreover, I can’t wait to listen to Guy Chamber’s written song ;)

    • Hey mainshow ;) Welcome!

      I also hope for a great song by Guy Chambers. I hope there will be another “Taken by a stranger” in the second semi-final. A song that makes people go WOW when they hear it.

  3. just like we had all Siegel, we now have all Raab, at least each of them brought the victory to Germany because they were so passionate… but as Siegel turned really bad for Eurovision, Siegel might do the same!

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