France : Amaury Vassili to Düsseldorf !

France – One of France’s most read daily Le Parisien has made public France 3 choice for Eurovision 2011 : Amaury Vassili will be representing France.  Five times winner, 28 times top 5, France has not won the contest since 1977 and Marie-Myriam’s “L’oiseau et l’enfant”, even if the country pulled out the big guns like Sébastien Tellier (famous in the electro music business) or Patricia Kaas (world famous, her 2009 entry “Et s’il fallait le faire” ranked all time #13 in our Best Esc Song Contest, read here).

After Fatals Picards, Sébastien Tellier & Jessy Matador we will see a fourth male singer walk the ESC stage with the French flag in five years : maybe France 3 thinks that, if Patricia Kaas could not win representing the French “la femme” then none would. Amary Vassili is known in France as a “chanteur d’opéra” which does not mean he sings opera itself but that he has a big voice. Yet, young and considered beautiful, he reached fame mostly copying Florent Pagny’s “popera” style and his debut album Vincero (published by Warner) sold 200,000 copies and reached #5 in France, #35 in Belgium. It’s mostly performed in Italian and English.

Will Italy and San Marino’s returns influence France to violate their usual French rule? It’s doubtful as French deputies started a complain against Tellier’s song in English and stopped it after Tellier accepted to introduce two lines in French in Belgrade.

Little is known on the esc song, popera? pure ballad? Amaruy Vassili is the angelic face with the deep voice. It’s hard to say what will be written for him and why. However, good news come from the commentators. Since 2000, Fr3 had humorists do the show, when this year it’s singer and song-writer Catherine Lara who will be in charge, helped by Laurent Boyer, a tv host. Catherine Lara reached fame in the 80s with her hit “Nuit magique” and with her coming out. Yet again, Eurovision belongs to the gays in France.

The daily notes that this is the certain choice by FR3 and that Amaury and his producers have all accepted. But it’s not signed yet. If the deal will not be sealed with Amaury, Emma Daumas would get the Eurovision ticket. Have your say on the very possible French singer for Eurovision 2011 !

Here is his performance of the classic “Hallelujah”:

17 comments on “France : Amaury Vassili to Düsseldorf !

  1. ok my first reaction was “oh my god he has my haircut” wild and long and totally blah lol

    well i did like Slovenia 07 and Sweden 09 but i hated latvia 07 so it really could go either way, my main problem is none of these 3 reached the top 10… Anyway he has a good voice, he looks good and can bring a nice charisma, plus since 2008 France takes the performance really seriously (Ortal, Virginie and Fatals all came out very amateur and embarrasing) and will definitely make him look at his best… so that’s a plus, but the problem is the song? True, I think the juries will probably go for it, at least enough for his voice to secure France from being last (which France never has been yet) but it needs to be a strong number with a build up on his voice. Most importantly, it can’t be anything too Swedish like or too schlagerish. I wouldn’t mind it pop, but if it’s extravagant at that.

  2. Another thing is, France does try different things every year. From Jessy to Amaury I’m quite sure no countries will make such a big gap between the two performances, as it was already the case with Sébastien and Patricia, and that’s already a good news to me.

    The more I think about it, the more certain I am that it won’t be very opera like, nor very “la Voix”… but who knows…

  3. I realy hoped that Shym will represent France in 2011… Havent heard anything about him, but hope for good song this year… Good luck France!!!

  4. He has a very fine voice, I absolutely love opera and France is my favourite country in ESC. However, what I cannot stand at all is opera voices singing anything but opera, and thus I hope that he will sing in ‘normal’ voice in Düsseldorf.
    Bonne chance … and kudos to France for giving us quality acts in different styles every year. (Greece anyone ….)

  5. Good luck France! His albums are successful but i’m not sure how the opera style he represents will fare in a contest like Eurovision. I really hope he finds a very good song, otherwise i can’t see him doing as well as Jessy did last year. Juries might save him, that’s true (even though Sweden 2009 failed to attract jury’s vote).

  6. France did a good decision with him, I am so happy with this decision. He can certainl sing and he is young and charismatic too… and with a good song that will suit his voice, what more else can we wish.. I am so happy they didnt send Shym..

  7. Morgan can you sing opera too :D

  8. I like it. I don’t know him and I know a lot of French artist but the voice is ok. All he needs is an amazing song. Please no Norway 2010!!! I don’t think he’s cute tough. Guys like that are more creepy than cute…

    I’d have loved Zaz for France and I think she could’ve won… but I guess she didn’T (need) want to do it…

  9. This guy sounds like he knows what he’s doing. If he chooses the the right song, France may surprise us all in a positive way. Bonne chance.

  10. I think France are going to get good points thie year and possible a searouce contender to win i did say France are going to be Dark horeses with the UK which that the UK are annoucing there preformer nexst week it got announce on twitter France and UK are going to be one to watch

  11. im surprised how good the comments are : most people only fear a repetition of Malena and other bad popera, but I seriously doubt it, it’ll be more of a stylish build up ballad in the style of “Loin” by Michel Sardou imo : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrUCbd3T2is

    at least we have yet again another strong voice, someone famous in France and a change of style, that’s already positive for France!

  12. oh yes Zaz’s music is cool and her album is selling in Belgium, Greece and Germany among other countries.

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