Belgium: Sandra Kim in the jury

BelgiumEurovision 2011: Qui? A vous de choisir! is the name of this year’s Belgian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. Over the last months artists collecting over 20.000 euro on the online platform akamusic.com qualified for the second phase of the Belgian selection. 30 songs are still in the running. In a special radio show on VivaCité on January 30, 14 of them will qualify for the televised national final. The show will be held in Liège on February 14. A mixture of televoting and jury voting will choose the successor of Tom Dice and his guitar.

Eurovision winner Sandra Kim will preside over the jury that will help to select the entry:

  • Sandra Kim (Eurovision winner 1986)
  • Viktor Lazlo (Eurovision host 1987)
  • Charles Gardier (artistic director)
  • Jean-Pierre Hautier (Eurovision commentator)

Source= ESCtoday.com

11 comments on “Belgium: Sandra Kim in the jury

  1. they sound reasonable people but i wished Barbara Dex was in too, after all she’s the most famous belgian esc singer next to Sandra Kim and ironically Viktor (what a beautiful woman and earrings lol) i love “Canoë rose” by Viktor by the way, would have smashed esc any year in the 80s… well the level is not THAT bad in Belgium (remember the first chosen craps next to the two last chosen ones?) now it’s down to the jury to put some sense into it and see who does what live! it might be a qualifying year for Belgium after all?

    • Wow, is that you or me? I am the one always raving about Viktor’s earrings and ‘Canoë rose’ is my favourite Viktor Lazlo song too …

      • lol i don’t know why we’re still surprised, every other day we read each other going “i could have written that 100%” lol

        i first heard “Canoë rose” on a cassette believe it or not ! and I didn’t even know she had done esc then (since i started esc in 99)

  2. They will qualify with Carina Sohn for sure. The Belgians should have me as jury.. :D

  3. Ohhh how do I spell that name wrong!! Sarina Cohn :D

    • Let me join the jury too, Roselil, and Sarina will get the ticket to Düdorf 100 %.

    • if i were in the jury, i’d make sure 4 songs battle for the ticket : Sarina of course, but Mael, Clac & .fen too and let the belgian televoters chose the best ouf of these 4 songs (6 if i add Thayss N’ Ba & Etienne)

  4. On Belgium – these are the 14 Belgian hopefuls that I would like to see and hear in the final stage:

    1. ‘Elle merveille’
    2. ‘Rien en apparence’
    3. ‘With love baby’
    4. ‘Dans ma chanson’
    5. ‘L’ancre de nos vies’
    6. ‘Claquer les portes’
    7. ‘A journey inside me’
    8. ‘Do you remember (te souviens tu)’
    9. ‘Yes I know’
    10. ‘Somewhere with you’
    11. ‘Où s’en vont nos rêves?’
    12. ‘C’est la musique’
    13. ‘Addiction’
    14. ‘The way you are’

    Good luck!

  5. the more i think about it, the more it’s obvious to me that Sarina will win it

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