#7: Gipsy.cz – Aven Romale / Tereza Kerndlová – Have Some Fun

Worst Eurovision Songs – After revealing our reader’s ‘Favourite Eurovision Songs‘, we asked them to vote for their least favourite songs ever. A lot of people participated and over the following weeks we will publish the outcome. Today we continue with your place 7, which is a was (almost) a tie and as it is even the same country I decided to give out the “honor” of being in 7th place twice. The Czech Republic only sent 3 songs to Eurovision to date, one of them got nil points and 2 of them are in our Worst Eurovision Songs list. Quite the unachievement, eh?

In 2009 a man in a red superman suit with a cape (seriously) was the third entry by the Czech Republic and will probably be their last for a while. The Romani hiphop group Gipsy.cz was the first act in 5 years to come last without a single point in their semi-final. Personally I think the song is quite ok, but maybe the performance was just a little too eccentric.

A year earlier Tereza Kerndlová sung as bad as can be and set new standards in cheapness. The worst of it all was that Tereza didn’t seem to notice her incompetence and appeared quite arrogant throughout Eurovision week. She even made fun of other entries and was crestfallenly angry when she didn’t qualify. For that she is quite deserving of her 7th place in our list, isn’t she?

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And here it is:

Your worst songs number 7: Gipsy.cz – Aven Romale and Tereza Kerndlová – Have some fun

22 comments on “#7: Gipsy.cz – Aven Romale / Tereza Kerndlová – Have Some Fun

  1. Why Have some fun, it was decent song… And Tereza is wow… The other one deserve top 10 worst ESC song ever (maybe even top 5)…

    • Have you heard her sing?

      Aven romale is not a bad song if you close your eyes. It’s a little folksy, gypsie like. It’s not bad at all. Just the performance in that stupid superman cape… Why oh why?

      All in all the Czech Republic might still be my least favourite ESC country as I didn’T like their first entry at all. Treza is horrible and Aven Romale just a bit below avarage…

      I hope they will return, but honestly… I won’T miss their songs…

      • I like both CZ 2007 and 2009. Every single entry from Belarus has been worse than those two imo. On my list of country averages, the three Czech entries get an average of 5,67/12 and 38th place. Thus the country is higher than Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malta, Azerbaijan, Slovakia, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Austria and Belarus there … (I know that this is a bit unfair because they only had three entries. Except for Malta, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Austria and Belarus all other countries mentioned are higher on my ‘felt’ ranking. A song like ‘Dansevise’ alone makes me love Denmark in ESC. But facts are facts … or as Morgan once said: rankings are rankings!)

      • denmark, slovakia, austria and oh my god switzterland (for its old years only it deserves to be top 10) !?

    • OMG indeed!:) Ms. Kerndlová deserves to be in the top 3 and CZ09 should not be in her company.

      • I agree with Shevek. Everything about ‘Have Some Fun’ was terribly cheap and Tereza Kerndlová couldn’t even hit a note to save her life. ‘Aven Romale’ on the other hand is a decent song and should not be on this list at all.
        Btw, I enjoyed gipsy.cz’s ESC performance too and think that the idea of the supergipsy was a very witty comment on the social conditions many Sinti and Roma have to live in …

  2. Indeed Czech Republic sent some ‘not so good’ songs at ESC , especially Aven Romale .
    On the other hand i think that “Have Some Fun” is a good song if someone with a great voice would sing it .

  3. Czech Republic 2008 is the opposite case of Albania, while Albania adjust their song to improve it, Czechs modified to make it worse! =(

  4. I realy liked Czech song that year… 2007, and 2009 were bad, but you are biger looser when you quit,than when you trying… I want Czech back in ESC!

  5. “Have some fun” is a total Mess! BUT, the chorus is really good! With a bit better production and maybe a bit less nervous singer, this song would have been fantastic!

  6. CZ 2009 could’ve looked like a crazy 30-year old parody of the German performance from ESC 1979 ;).
    But ‘Have Some Fun’ should’ve been used for anti-terror weapon not for Eurovision. So horrifying.

  7. We’re really getting into the crap now, I’m almost afraid for what is next

  8. I liked Have Some Fun in studio (you’ll find me saying that a lot) but she couldn’t hit any notes AND they changed the music at the last minute :s

    http://www.nrk.no/programmer/tv/melodi_grand_prix/1.7451744 For your new article :) I would write it, but I’m going to sleep because it’s my first day of class :D Take care, amigo!

  9. wait does tht mean next song is going to be 5th?

  10. 2007 is by far the worst of them 3, so I at least hope we’ll be seeing it later on. I quite liked 2009, even though it was a bit too ridiculous. 2008, UGH, I couldn’t stand it ar first – so cheap and poorly performed, too. I’ve warmed up to the song, at least. ;)

  11. Tereza counted on showing her jewel encrusted panties as she did in national finale… it seems they did not turn the wind machine for her. She is one of the pampered celebrities with little substance… other that “Daddy is famous”.

    Gypsy.cz… while appreciate their Roman pride and that they actually do something with their lifes unlike many other unpriviledged people over here… this was over the top, too gimmicky… They should made it more Gypsy and less hiphop… are these really supposed to be role models to young Romas in Czechlands?
    (I have also problem that there was no national finale and that they were picked pretty much through affirmative action… Europe cricizes we treat Romas badly? We’ll show ’em and sent Gypsys to Eurovision… it leaves a bitter feeling).

  12. I love Gipsy.cz since before Eurovision and they were one of my favourites that year. It was a funny act, BUT I would have preferred it had they not gone for that superhero costume and instead had fun on stage in a “band-way”, like gypsies (some of the other bandmembers looked bored).

    They also had a better song in the NF when they didn’t win, “Benga beating”.

  13. Have Some Fun is brilliant (until they change it to ESC lol)
    I love the videoclip :P

  14. […] im Background sangen. Diesem Motto blieben sie treu. Das Lied von damals wurde übrigens auf eurovisiontimes auf den 7ten Platz gewählt, bei der Wahl des schlechtestens Songs […]

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