Austria: First interim voting result

Austria – 30 songs are still in the running to become Austria’s 2011 Eurovision entry. Over the last days radio station Ö3 presented the songs to the public and incited them to vote for their favourite via SMS. Now the first interim voting result has become known.At the end of the month the Top 10 of this vote will qualify for the next round in the selection process: a televised national final. Here is the interim result:

(Interim voting result from: 06.01.11 – 18:00):

Would qualify:
01. – Alkbottle – Wir san do net zum Spaß
02. – Trackshittaz – Oida Tuanz
03. – Mary Broadcast Band – Who’s gonna stop me
04. – Julian Heidrich – Australian Gate
05. – bandWG – 10 Sekunden Glück
06. – Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner – Paris, Paris
07. – Jean Nolan – Crazy
08. – Excuse Me Moses – Way out
09. – Nadine Beiler – The secret is love
10. – Richard Klein – Bigger better best

Would not qualify:
11. – Petra Frey – Send a little smile
12. – Cama – Times of our lives
16. – Alf Poier & Obersteirische Wolfshilfe – Happy Song
17. – Luttenberger*Klug – Sternenlichter
18. – Freddy Sahin-Scholl – Butterfly
20. – Oliver Wimmer – Let love kick in

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16 comments on “Austria: First interim voting result

  1. alkbottle and trackshittaz are singing in austrian dialect, i’m afraid, this doesn’t appeal to people. every pseudo-english has more chances than an exotic language or just a variety of any language.

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  3. Good to be bad by Charlee?

  4. There are two songs that I like very much on the current top 10: nos. 4 and 5. I am hoping that Cama, Robi Faustmann and Alf Poier manage to to reach the final, but that is unlikely.

  5. ooohhh its just an interim voting results, piuuff!!

  6. I’m surprised how fast Charlee has been moving up the list. She reminds me a lot of Kelly Clarkson.

  7. why are there only 26 songs there and not 30? i’m so mad Alf and Oliver are doing so bad while Nadine, Richard or Julian are doing so good… insulting

  8. I thought so too, Morgan.

  9. Klimmstein FTW!

  10. According to this article that I’ve read on another site, the Austrian NF will be decided frist by 100% sms voting and then by 100% in the final. Unfortunately, this will very probably mean that they won’t choose one of the better songs imo, which is a pity because thay have a great NF.

    • terribly stupid, bye alf and oliver, hello chanee and bye bye austria from finale

      • *I meant 100 % televoting in the Austrian NF final stage.

        Hello, Chanee, indeed.

        1 Alkbottle, 2 Trackshittaz/Lukas Plöchl, 3 Mary Broadcast Band, 4 Band WG, 5 Julian Heidrich, 6 Nadine Beiler, 7 Klimmstein feat. Joe Sumner, 8 Jean Nolan, 9 Charlee, 10 Excuse Me Moses. (Cama are nº 11 and I am still hoping for the best).

        Don’t Austrians realise that there are juries in ESC? One more thing, I am not a fan of ‘Butterfly’, but isn’t Freddy a famous singer in Austria? I was expecting to see him doing better than he is atm. These sms voters must be hardcore ESC fans and teenagers. I am afraid that Austria may not like the final outcome in May at all.

  11. Klimmstein will do very well if it be chosen for ESC, its the first ESC song from 2011 I have on my playlist. I love Alf’s song much more, but cant see it will survive a semifinal.. it will go to ESC and stay as a masterpiece for some fans, this will saddens me :-(

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