Slovakia: Participation still not 100% sure

Slovakia – Denisa Dzunková from the Slovak national broadcaster has told eurofire.blog.de today, that Slovakia’s Eurovision participation, despite them being on the official participant list, is still not 100% sure. “Regarding our participation, the situation is still not totally clear, because there are big changes in Slovak Television. We have merged with Slovak Radio from the 1st January and although we have submitted the Application Form, they are still reconsidering it. I will let you know when the situation is clearer,” explained Dzunková. The Czech website ESCportal.cz reports that Slovakia has been granted more time (until this Friday) to take a decision. eurofire reports that the final decision is set to be taken and announced before 12:00 this Friday.

According to Dzunková, the union of the radio station “Slovensky Rozhlas” and the television station “Slovenská Televízia (RTVS) ” will be pulling out all the stops to assure a Slovak participation tough.

UPDATE: Apparently RTVS’ Miloslava Zemkova has confirmed to ESCdaily that Slovakia will actually participate!

UPDATE2: eurovisionsk reports that RTVS is looking for sponsors to finance their participation in 2011 with reference to Slovak media and sources inside RTVS. In short: The situation has gotten more confusing than ever ;)

Source= eurofire.blog.de

13 comments on “Slovakia: Participation still not 100% sure

  1. oldddddd news – they are in! lol eurofire is a nothing website lol

  2. Come on, Slovakia, be there! :)

  3. how is it that it still not sure? the deadline to withdraw without a punishment has passed – that can’t be true – if they withdraw now they will have to pay for it.

  4. That was old news why would they put they names down on the list if they where struggleing for money they woant partcipate i dont think STV will risk and put there name down on the list of participation then back out when they know they have to pay for it i dont think STV will risk that

  5. I liked Horehronie last year, it was a nice song, sadly it flopped with live performance.. it is an expensive contest, paying a lot and then end in the scoreboard may let them be confused about being in or out..
    I hope to see them in Düsseldorf!!

  6. they had the chance to leave, even if they do now (they still can i think without losing money) the fact they stayed in the list “in case they get the money” proves the channel really wants to e in unlike Czech Republic

    let’s wait now

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