Israel: Plans for ‘Kdam Eurovision 2011’

Israel – IBA, the public broadcaster of Israel has announced today, that their representative for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen on March 8. The selection format will be the traditional “Kdam Eurovision” again. This year both the singer and the song will be chosen by the Israeli people. The last four years an artist had been selected internally (this year it was Harel Skaat) and the Israeli people could only vote for their favourite song. IBA has contacted various artists through their representatives to incite them to participate. The national final will be broadcast on Monday, March 8 from the culture hall in Rishon LeZion.

6 comments on “Israel: Plans for ‘Kdam Eurovision 2011’

  1. Near My Birthday im glad that Isreal didean’t withdraw and im glad they worked something out with EBU Isreal are in Semi Final 2 in Germany and good luck to IBA on finding there singer for Eurovision 2011 im really looking forward to hearing the winning song God Luck Isreal

  2. I usually like Israeli entries. I am glad that they will be holding an open NF. Good luck. The ideal system would be to choose internally one year and to throw a full-blown NF the following year. :)

  3. well, after three years in a row in my top 10, we’ll see if the change of format will do them good

    like for France, changing the format after three good entries seems scary, but we shall see

  4. Israel and France are two of my favourite countries. I hope they do not cock it up with these national finals (à la Suisse 2004)

  5. I agree. Both France and Israel have sent good, very good or simply fantastic songs the last 3 years and thus the internal selection format worked very well, at least for my taste. Holding a NF is always a risk imo because … different as people might be all over Europe, they have one thing in common: They tend to vote for cr*ps (dated ballads, shake it! stuff, europop etc.). Thus I hope that juries will be involved in finding the artists for Düsseldorf, especially if those juries are as good as the FdC jury from Guarda, which is the best ESC related thing I know. On the other hand, a NF naturally adds more songs to my ESC playlist than an internal selection. :)

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