Albania: Aurela Gaçe to Düsseldorf

Albania – Tonight Albania chose Aurela Gaçe and her song “Kënga ime” as their 2011 Eurovision entry. Aurela won the traditional Festivali i Këngës in Tirana tonight against 17 other competitors. She was proclaimed winner by a jury of experts and will thus fly the Albanian flag in Düsseldorf next May. Aurela has already won the Festival i Kenges in 1999 and 2001 (back then Albania did not participate in Eurovision) and has achieved more second and third places than any other artists. She was born in a little village in Southern Albania and has entered several music competitions and festivals already at a very young age. She emigrated to New York a few years back, where she performs mainly for the Albanian diaspora. Seen as one of Albania’s most versatile artists, she sings many different genres ranging from pop music to traditional folk and soul. This summer she had a big hit in Albania with her song “Origjinale”.

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Aurela won with 82 points ahead of fan-favourites Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Çani with 66 points.

Here is the winning performance:

What do you think of the Albanian entry?

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22 comments on “Albania: Aurela Gaçe to Düsseldorf

  1. I don’t get why this won… I don’T see Albania in the final.

    1. Switzerland
    2. Albania


    • Aurela has won. First, congratulations and good luck. Second, ‘Kënga Ime’ was far from being the best song on offer in FiK 10, there is no discernible melody and she shouts too much for my taste. Third, I like the way she santds on stage alone looking defiant. Now, we all have to let the dust settle and see how they will revamp the Albanian entry.

      A year ago, Albania 10 pleased me much more at this stage and it remained my nº1 song until ‘Algo pequeñito’ won the Spanish NF. Atm, Switzerland is my nº1 song (I agree, E.T.).

      P.S.: I prefer Aurela’s (love the name) performance and look from the semi.

    • This time the song from Switzerland is indeed quite a bit better then what comes from Albania.

  2. I look forward to see how they’ll change the song (if they do), or if they’ll even translate it into English. It seems that Aurela lives primarily in New York nowadays, so I assume her English is more than fine, if they decide to go in that direction. I like “Kënga Ime” when I hear it, but I forget it as soon as the song is over…

  3. Argh…almost all of the videos of it on YouTube have been pulled off! Come on, Albania…if you want the fans talking about your song, you have to let people see it! :-(

  4. As it is now, I do not like it. However, I expect the song to be totally revamped for ESC as has been the case with previous Albanian entries. Still, I do not enjoy listening to her voice which is a bigger problem.
    Anyway, congratulations to Aurela and good luck, Albania.

  5. even with big changes, this will remain a big pop member with a screamy singer… it will most likely go to esc finale and get around 16th-20th there

    nope this is nothing i like at all

    • Even after 5 listens I can’t even sing along a little.
      It’s not the worst entry ever, but Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Çani would have been so much better.

      • it’s unbelievably uncatchy and might for the first time miss the esc finale (after all even a catchy “this is my life” from a big big big esc country could not get in) but it’s true albania can change it all around and they usually make a really big performance so who knows? but this is the worst singer vocally in a long time for Albania: I remember disliking the song last year but always saying how great Juliana was and was going to be in Oslo and I was right… but Aurela? Besa or Alban/Miriam were the best vocally and should have been given the ticket

      • Hear my plea also didn’t qualify for the final.
        Listening to Alba and Miriam makes me a bit sad. That’s a wonderful song!!!
        But anyway, I will give Aurela and the song a chance, but it will be hard to make this into a catchy popsong and performance…
        I hope she didn’t win because she’s famous

  6. The Festivali i këngës has shown that an orchestra was not out of fashion in a song contest nowadays. Those who claim that an orchestra can’t learn 40-something songs for the Eurovision song contest have once again been proven wrong: With 19 songs in each semifinals, that was 38 songs prerformed in this year’s Festivali i këngës. The EBU should learn from the Festivali i këngës, and change their minds about the use of live music at the ESC.

  7. Well, I was tired and a bit tipsy last night, and thus I have given the song another chance. The song itself has some potential but I still have problems with Aurela. I enjoy watching her sing (she has a very good stage presence …) but I do not enjoy listening to her singing. I guess that I will simply have to accept the fact that I am neither a fan of her voice nor of her singing technique.
    All the best anyway!

    Btw, I agree with Morgan on Albania 2010. It was all about Juliana …

    • Juliana Pasha and those amazing backing singers were Albania 10, indeed.

      • LOVE her backing singers : i love when they go “i’m the one” too
        to me, an amazing performer is the one who can sell an upbeat song without moving around on stage : Juliana did great at that, though none can beat Charlotte in 1999

    • i think the song goes boring after around 30s then it’s just very long and i agree with manuel you just can’t sing along !

  8. Looks like Albania could miss the Eurovision Final in 2011 along with Switzerland!

  9. I didn’t like it,BUT we are talikng about Eurovision.ANYTHING can happened!

  10. What i really enjoy in the albanian final was the orchestra!I think this part is missing from Eurovision………….

  11. i finally ranked all the albanian songs (in running order of the semis) :

    27 – Marjeta Billo – Përjetësi
    28 – Françesk Radi – Kemi dasëm’o
    35 – Enkeleda Arifi – Një dashuri
    14 – Dorina Garuci – Mirëmbrëma ëngjëlli im
    37 – Kejsi Tola – Pranë
    02 – Alban Skenderaj & Miriam Cani – Ende ka shpresë
    21 – Besa Kokedhima – E bukura dhe bisha
    30 – Aurela Gaçe – Kënga ime
    34 – Xhejsi Jorgaqi – Rastësi
    04 – Kamela Islami – Jetova për të dy

    17 – Marsida Saraçi – Vetëm s’jemi në botë
    11 – Klajdi Musabelli – Vetëm ti
    20 – Adhurim Demiri – 24 orët
    24 – Albi Xhepa & Sam Jaupaj – Dritë
    32 – Sonila Mara – Egoist
    36 – Rudina Delia – Tek ti gjeta dashurinë
    07 – Ilir Kazaferi – Nuk je këtu
    38 – Saimir Braho – Shtegëtar i jetës time
    01 – Selami Kolonja – Ëndërr Kosovë
    03 – Orges Toçe – Mari
    26 – Goldi Halili – Në krahët e tua
    33 – Mateus Frroku – Dimër në shpirt
    13 – Maria Prifti – Pasuri e pasurive
    19 – Entela Zhula – Stuhi dhe diell
    09 – Edmond Mancaku – Dashuri pas emrit
    31 – Heldi Kraja – E diela pa ty
    22 – Emi Bogdo – Letër për ty
    18 – Megi Laska – Ëndrrat ekzistojnë
    10 – Ardita Tusha – Dikur besoja
    05 – Blerina Shalari – Lutjes apo dashurisë
    15 – Hersiana Matmuja – Me cilin rri ti dashuri
    23 – Denis Hasa – Mbi xhaketen time
    25 – Kujtim Prodani – Ti ishe kryëveper
    29 – Bledi Polena – Të jemi të dy
    06 – Ernis Cili & Onanta Spahiu – Fam
    12 – Evans Rama – Sonte
    08 – Dorian Nini – Mirë se vini ne Shqipëri
    16 – Agim Poshka – Bota com.vetmi

  12. Im really disspointed in the song i was exspecting more from Albania after last year song was so great i was exspecting more it’s a real shame

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