Eurovision 2011: Freddy Sahin-Scholl for Austria?

Austria – Yesterday he won Germany’s most popular talent show “Das Supertalent” (German version of the … got talent franchise) due to his amazing vocal abilities. Before his victory he also applied to represent Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf! Shahin-Scholl can change his voice in seconds from baritone to soprano and can thus sing the female and the male part in a single song. The final of the German talent search with 11 competitors reached over 8 million viewers. Sholl can largely be expected to be the next #1 on the German Charts.

Austria will return to Eurovision this year after a 3-year break. They have started an open online selection, in which everyone with more than 33 supporters can enter a song. Apparently Sahin-Scholl got these supporters in no time.

It is unclear whether his victory will change his ambitions or whether he will still vy to represent the mountainous country, where the son of a German mother and an African-American father lives from time to time.

One of the jurors of “Das Supertalent” is Dieter Bohlen, a very successful German composer (former member of Modern Talking). He will probably (as in recent years) produce a CD with the winner of the show, Sholl in this case. Sahin’s application for Austria may be a challenge to another successful German producer: Stefan Raab, who discovered Lena and will host the Contest in 2011.

Here is a performance of Sahin-Scholl’s self-penned song Carpe Diem:

Here you can watch his performance that brought him the victory last night

Source=ORF; Image= (c) RTL

21 comments on “Eurovision 2011: Freddy Sahin-Scholl for Austria?

  1. really? :o that a joke right? :o

  2. what sort of songs would he sing in eurovision though?
    i want some actually good and reknown austrian musicians


  4. No with him austria will not reach the final and might withdraw again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sure he’s a great singer, but it’s a bit of a novelty act (albeit in a classical genre) switching between baritone and soprano. I can’t see how this would help Austria unless an appropriate song was written for him to perform.
    I’m actually still annoyed that Austria’s Global Kryner didn’t make it beyond the semis back in 2005 and really supported their choice to withdraw in protest. While the return of the jury vote has produced what appears to be some control over the problems from that era, Austria still needs to return with a strong act to ensure they don’t fall short of the finals again.

  6. […] the original here: Eurovision 2011: Freddy Sahin-Scholl for Austria? « The Eurovision … Share and […]

  7. ORF should choose him and this song as the Austrian entry, it would win ESC without a doubt, and it is written by him too. Great stuff

  8. Until now, German viewers were allowed to vote for who they wanted to represent Germany. Now, Lena is forced on us a second time whether we want it or not, we only get to choose her song. Freddy Sahin Scholl is a thousand times better, not only because of the “novelty” of his act, but because he has an amazing voice and is, quite simply, very likeable, modest and natural. None of those apply to Lena…

    So if Freddy competes for Austria, I for one will certainly give him my vote!

    • you’re very right, the whole Lena has to go again makes me rather mad ; i don’t really like esc winners retrying, even if some did it with wonders (Isabelle Aubret, Anne-Marie David came with even better songs) but just the year after? in modern era, i think Germany should enjoy the greatness of the esc vibe to host a big NF like Norway did, and have all the genres in German music compete !

  9. Freddy is fantastic, and i hope Austria choose him and “Carpe Diem”..
    Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – Wien

  10. basically freddy has an interesting, but not a perfect voice, he could optimize his voice by coaching and training. he is definitly better than richard lugner, :-)))
    by the way: austrian internet-voting will start on january 3rd, everyone then has the possibility to vote for freddy: oe3.orf.at/gutenmorgenduesseldorf.

  11. has he applied to repesent austria esc11????????

  12. I don’t think ORF is taking Eurovision Searousely and they never did in past Eurovision Song contests and it’s a big shame if they cjoose him because i was loocking forward to Austria entry i carnt see Austria be in Eurovision 2012 i think they will withdraw after Eurovision 2011 they only returned because it’s in Germany if it waseant they wouldeant be in contest same has San Morino they returned because of Italy just hope ORF take it Searouseley

  13. This guy seems to have been blessed with an amazing voice. Now he only has to find the right song to go along with it. Germany is not making the right choice by going for Lena twice in a row and they should brace themselves for a bumpy ride, imo.


  15. @ Bradly

    Is it confirmed about San Marino, and do u kmow when we will find out about hungary and montenagro??????

    • According to Wiki Yeah it’s been comfirmed about San Morino return but been looking over the internet nothing about Hungary and Montenegro yet we must have to wait and see but it has been comfirmed that San Morino has returned to Eurovision 2011 according to Wiki


    • Yeah Same here i both of them returns theres 41 counties so far Austria Italy
      San Marino Have returned Slovakia Withdraw all rest are comfirmed from last year with Hungary and Montenegro possubly to return

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