Provisional: San Marino returns!

San Marino – More good news about the participants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. According to ESCkz.com San Marino’s national broadcaster RTV has submitted a preliminary application for participation to the EBU. No final decision has been taken on their participation in the show as of yet. Applications can still be withdrawn without punishment until December 25. San Marino made its debut in the contest in 2008, but withdrew the year after due to financial difficulties. In 2010 they stayed absent. If San Marino returns the number of participating countries may be at 42. Hungary and Montenegro also have submitted provisional applications.

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3 comments on “Provisional: San Marino returns!

  1. It would be great to have San Marino back! I loved “Complice”, and was so disappointed to see it score as low as it did in 2008. Let’s see how things pan out after December 25th…I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Montenegro and Hungary, too!

  2. yeah i also loved them in 2008
    and i hate how so many countries have so little participations (and very often great ones too) : thank god for instance turkey sticked to eurovision even if they had a huge masterpiece finishing last to begin with… but in the end it paid off, but it took a very long while so other countries should be patient too

    • I heard that Liechtenstein were going to debut as well and with the return of Italy, that could be 3 songs in Italien at the contest!

      Also, Montenegro are registered to enter again, so welcome back to them also

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