ESC 2011: Charlotte Church for the UK?

United Kingdom –  ESCflashMalta reports that the BBC has approached three artists concerning the British representation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. The names mentioned are Pixie Lott, whose latest single was not as big a success as expected, Kathrine Jenkins, a classical singer trying to have her breakthrough in the United States  and former child star Charlotte Church. According to EfM several sources confirm that Charlotte Church, who has been trying to start a pop career recently, has been chosen by the BBC. Apparently she has even been offered a contract. The song might be selected in the traditional “A song for Europe” format. More detailed information or even confirmation is expected to be announced shortly by the BBC.

Charlotte Church is a Welsh singer-songwriter. She rose to fame during her childhood as a classical singer before branching into pop music in 2005. By 2007, she had sold more than 11,000,000 albums worldwide . Church released her first album in 5 years, titled Back To Scratch, on October 25, 2010.

Here is the title track from that album:

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Source= ESCflashMalta

18 thoughts on “ESC 2011: Charlotte Church for the UK?

  1. Charlottes reputation in the UK has often proceeded her, but whatever-the-tabloids-say aside she would be a sound choice. At least we know she can sing!!

    A return to the old ASFE format is long, long overdue. Is it possible that the BBC have finally seen the light after far too long? I cannot wait for the official announcement.

    • I hope its true!

      But I expected the UK to pull out all the stops. A bad result for Britain on German soil would be horrible ;) especially after Germany won with a British sound this year…

  2. omg i hope it’s true. Charlotte is known to the UK public and her music is good. Pixie Lott would’ve been even better but i guess she refused. Well done BBC. Now they need to ask popular songwriters.

  3. Not only is Charlotte well-known in the UK, but she’s quite famous here in the US, too! If these rumors turn out to be true (unlike the mention of Mika that we heard a few months back), this might be huge in raising the ESC’s profile here on this side of the Atlantic.

  4. i really dont like her nor her music.. it’s of course a choice for “famous” singer but don’t a musical quality choice

  5. Charlotte can at least sing live! But I like her classical better than her pop. Katherine Jenkins would also be a great choice, but I really don’t like Pixie with her lisp.

  6. Charlotte would be amazing! Her new stuff is really more melow and personal, her previous album was more pop and was quite a success (Check out Crazy Chick, I love it when you call my name and Mood Swings)
    She’s still capable to sing classical so, if she does want to represent us, she can be very versatile.

  7. Great news, at last a singer who can actually sing live! Whoever we send I hope that we take Eurovision more seriously than this year, was truly embarrasing.

  8. This will only work if the BBC get the right song! If she sings a song like her 2003 hit ‘the opera song’ the BBC could have this in the bag!!

  9. Greatw news??
    at last the UK and BBC will have a class act,
    she is amazing, young,talented,,and could easy get us into top 5 again.with such a poor record for UK recently,,and only Jade Ewen and Lloyd Webber, saving us the emabrressment.
    this could be very GOOD news indeed.

    go charlotte

  10. Charlotte Church (despite slagging off Scooch – well who didn’t?) would be a good choice especially in raising the profile of Eurovision in the UK. Maybe even help to introduce it to a new generation? I’m excited and hope the BBC announce their details soon!! I await with bated breath!!

  11. if the Uk really wants to get somewhere in ESC then we need someone like Leona Lewis or Rebecca Ferguson to respresent. Though Im thinking of Xfactor contestants these two would top it.

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