Neither Liechtenstein nor Hungary in Eurovision 2011

EBU – The European Broadcasting Union has told ESCkaz.com that no new members have been admitted as a full member which means that neither Liechtenstein’s 1FLTV nor Hungary’s Duna TV will be able to send an entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. During its General Assembly in Genf this week the EBU discussed the applications but the two channels were not admitted. Hungary could theoretically participate with its national broadcaster MTV, but the financial situation of the channel makes this very improbable.

The full list of participants will be released soon after the Christmas holidays. Until December 25 countries can still withdraw their entries without punishment.

That also means that Qatar won’t debut in the Eurovision Song Contest either!

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13 comments on “Neither Liechtenstein nor Hungary in Eurovision 2011

  1. I kinda expected it. I don’t think we’ll ever see Qatar in ESC.

    • They will never participate cause Israel participate – no arab country will ever participate as long as Israel is in

      • I don’t think the Gulf states care so much about Israel…

      • Qatar has already had Israeli athletes participating at the Asian games they hosted a few years ago, and stated that during the 2022 World Cup, if Israel qualifies, they are welcome to participate.

        They’re not exactly fans of Israel, but they’re not exactly enemies of them.

  2. Boo, I wanted more countries. And Liechtenstein debuting was going to be a highlight; I would’ve cheered like crazy for them watching at home. :p

  3. I’ve heard from someone saying he’s in Qatar that there’s a radio show there that airs ALL entries, doesn’t matter who and the whole showing Israel on TV thing won’t be an issue.

  4. not surprised either

  5. It’s sad. I wonder why their submission haven’t been approved.

  6. Moldova confirms to participate in ESC 2011

  7. i wanted Liechtenstein and Hungary to participate. At least, i hope it’s not too late for Hungary as MTV is already a member of EBU.

    It would be funny to see Qatar taking part!

  8. Was so looking forward to the debut of Leichtenstein after all their promises over the past few years. It wouldve been great to see some new nations on the esc stage. What happened to Kosovo? I heard in 2009 that they and Khazikstan would be in the contest for 2011.

  9. great site
    very informative
    happy new year!!

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