Russia: Channel One confirms participation

Russia – The Russian national broadcaster Channel One has finally confirmed its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. It has not been disclosed yet whether the Russian entry will be selected internally or (as in recent years) through a televised national final. More detailed information is expected to be released in due time. That leaves France and Belarus as the only countries which participated in Oslo and have not yet disclosed whether they will participate or not. With the withdrawal of Slovakia and the returns of Italy and Austria the 2011 edition of the contest might top the number of participations of Oslo.

This year Russia came 11th with Peter Nalitch & Band and their “Lost and forgotten”

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9 comments on “Russia: Channel One confirms participation

  1. Yahoo. Hey, what about Moldova? I doubt they’d miss out, but have they confirmed anything?


  3. This article is something about Moldova. But it’s just only that and nothing else. Nothing about participating the Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf but in a domestic contest with only Moldovan acts.

  4. Great, also i read that Montenegro might be back in 2011…
    More countries=more music=great show…
    I expect awsome year…

  5. as annoying the diaspora political and all votes can be on favor of Russia, they have been quite a great esc country, i personally have them first of 2001 and also love some of their daring moves : i only really hate their esc winners surprisingly, when Dima was really good in 2006 he was tacky and camp in 2008

    i’m looking forward for their next entry still

  6. Hi Morgan, I have just posted an almost identical comment on another site … :)

    • lol i went to check the “other” website and laughed at your comment, it was identical indeed… wow you like 2010? I do love 2009 (what a stage performance) but 2010, as good as it is musically, was killed on stage for me (nothing cheaper than that “looking at your photo”)
      that’s the only thing we would disagree on lol

      • I understood that “looking at your photo” business as 100 % irony and always went ROFL (ROFL in the best way possible …) as soon as the song came to that point. Perhaps I am wrong, but I really adore the way Russia 2010 was staged.
        *kneeling down*

      • even if it is europe didn’t get it as such : either people were pissed at it, or loved it and in both cases it was a no for me… plus i really do think it was a huge let down when right after Robin walked in along his group Malcolm Lincoln..

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