Eurovision 2011: Qatar, Liechtenstein and Hungary

EBU – After the amazing news of Italy’s return , Eurovision fans can expect more interesting revelations about possible debuts or returns of other countries as well. Today is the second day of the EBU’s General Assembly. Amongst other issues Qatars application for full EBU membership will be discussed. Full membership in the EBU and thus participation in the Eurovision Song Contest is possible to countries inside the broadcasting area of the EBU, which is bordering on the south by the parallel 30° North thus including parts of Northern Africa and the northern part of the Arabian peninsula, which makes Qatar eligible for participation. If accepted into the EBU they will probably send an entry to Düsseldorf.

Other issues are Liechtenstein’s 1FLTV (we reported) and Hungary’s Duna TV, which have applied for EBU membership and are expected to send entries to the contest if their applications are accepted. For Liechtenstein it would be the debut in the contest and for Hungary the return with a different broadcaster.

Stay tuned for more information!

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27 thoughts on “Eurovision 2011: Qatar, Liechtenstein and Hungary

  1. Think there might be some outrage if Qatar is accepted?

    Liechtenstein debuting would make the European map complete (well Vatican City is missing, but they only broadcast religion-related things, right?)

    I hope we get at least 40 countries next year. :)

    • The Qatar thing would be more than weird, as Kazahstan is not accepted…

      Liechtenstein I think might actually debut.

      With Austria’s and Italy’s return and a debut of Liechtenstein my Eurovision heart would explose ;)

    • Sorry guys Qatar will not take part in ESC 2011, this is indeed a rumour. The day after the country so proudly won the bid for the rights to host the World Cup in 2022, suddenly Qatar is in the limelight (quite right so) and every one knows where it is. Qatar is so proud for this and we do indeed have a big interest in the Eurovision, and we have sent a press delegation in the past and have an interest in joining the EBU, but time will take its toll and hopefuly in 2011 a delegation of radio and TV journalists will be there to cover the event in Dusseldorf, like in Moscow 2009. QBS radio has a weekly 1 hour show on the national radio English channel devoted to Eurovision, the only one in the Gulf and the only one every week in the whole year. I wonder how many countries in Europe do this? :)

  2. I am so excited to hear about Italy’s return…if we get Austria and Hungary to return, and have Liechtenstein debut, we could end up with a whole new voting bloc (with Germany, Switzerland, and San Marino if they ever come back…) It gets the ESC-Politician in me drooling just a little bit! ;-)

    I can’t wait to hear what the EBU decides…but this might end up being the biggest ESC ever! Shame Slovakia’s bowed out…

  3. don’t be too enthusiastic about italy too early… wait for their song, if they send just an average song, the disappointment will rather be too great.

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  5. I think they all joined Now Italy joined San Morino said they they would return in 2012 to eurovision if Italy Joined plus more money For EBU is it a Big 5

  6. Who cares if it’s not Europe. Neither is Israel, Azerbaijan or Morocco. The more the merrier. Qatar joining would be exciting. Lebanon would have already joined if it hadn’t been for the Israel-thing. It’s not just for European countries and some people should have learned that by now. There is a difference between the RULES and some peoples opinions/wishes.

  7. The 30 degrees parallel north doesn’t matter – It’s the 40 degrees East meridian that you neglect to mention – Qatar falls way east of that: it’s at about 51 degrees east. Qatar’s not a member of the council of Europe either (like Azerbaijan which is also further east than 40 degrees), so how can they possibly be granted full EBU membership?

  8. This will be interesting I guess….I think we should welcome every new participant and see what they have to offer. I remember all the fuss about the caucasian republics and now all of them take part without anyone seriously complaining. Same goes for Israel, I bet there was the same doubts about its participation in the 70s – while noone really questions thier participation nowadays.

  9. well… i believe that having countries meaning having a governemnet and are declared as countries!!so by right..andorra, san marino and the vatican are not countries..they are states so they can’t participate in a eurovision song contest ..a competition between countries!!..if a place is republic it can…cos it is non sense having states that are dependent on another thsi case states are there for giving points to their dependent governemnt! eg: andorra to spain, monaco to france, san marino/vatican to italy. i really don’t agree on this!!..considering this than..sicily may participate than..or corfu..or crete..or gozo..or corsica!!(i know they are not states but what is the difference?)

    regarding qatar ..I don’t agree that they have to participate!!this is a europe song contest..and I’m sure that they are not going to be part of the ebu borderline!!qatar is in asia!

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