Ireland: Jedward twins bid for Eurovision

Ireland – The Irish newspaper “The Herald” has announced today that the Jedward twins are one of the 5 acts bidding to represent the Green island at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. The twins John and Edward were contestants on the casting show X-Factor in 2009. Despite only reaching 6th place in the competition, their first single “Under pressure”, released this February, reached the top spot in Ireland and second place in the United Kingdom. “It’s all being kept very hush hush right now, but Jedward are definitely going for it, and a real threat to win. Louis Walsh was very involved with Eurovision up until a few years ago, so I’m sure he’d be happy to see them represent Ireland. I’m sure the juries won’t vote for them, but the public will definitely be pulling for them. All the kids watching the Late Late Show that night will be,” revealed an insider of the newspaper.

And they are now set to expand their brand to Japan. “They are going to be huge over there,” their manager Walsh told the Harald. “Bosses think Jedward are going to be one of the biggest pop sensations ever. The fans there will go crazy. They are going global.”

Here’s their performance of “Under pressure”:

Source: The Herald Image source

19 comments on “Ireland: Jedward twins bid for Eurovision

  1. -.- No, just no.

  2. Heeey, on eurovision.tv they announced that Italy’s back in the 2011 ESC !!!!

  3. it’s disgusting crap and like Josh would die

    yes Italy big 5 seems to be back after all


  5. I nearly fainted when I heard the news :D <3

  6. I think this is what Eurovision 2011 really needs… they are BIG in the UK and will create a bigger hype in britain if they get through to the final…. which unfortunately I doubt they will, but if they have a good gong they could suprise us all

  7. If they go through Ireland actually has a chance of ranking high!, The mightn’t be the best singers but their born entertainers.. it’ll be a shame if they aren’t picked

  8. Nil points from UK then, Jedward are truly awful….Dusstin the turkey would do better! If Ireland send Jedward they clearly do not want to win the competition.

  9. I’ve heard that some critics have tipped Jedward to be Ireland’s WORST ever Eurovision entry.

  10. I sooo want them to win – they’d wreck my head to deal with them, but make me proud it be Irish, and they make me laugh.

    …..And bless the twins, attempting to still carry out the concert after tearing ligments – HE NEEDED SURGERY AND STILL WENT ON STAGE WITH CRUTCHES. How many of you would do that? Seriously, sure they’re bad but effing gas but bless Edward and John (more Edward, but John piggybacked Edward in some CD signings)

  11. They’ll be fine! As long as they don’t have to sing.

  12. now theres a thought? Its fresh, contemporary,they cant sing and with a good song will probably get a whole lot of attention,, but this is a song contest,
    look last years, tremendous performance and great singer and song from Niamh and didnt get any votes,,so JEDWARD, well they are certainly gonna be up there,
    I can forsee a return to the top5 for UK and Ireland in Dusseldorf.
    12 points

    • people keep saying that it’s ok not to sing well because some very good singers did poorly… Niamh and Chiara are great voices but they had terribly boring and disney-like old fashioned songs… The real amount of bad singers who did well, how many? Tell me if someone who doesn’t sing like Czech Republic 2008 or Romania 2009 did well in eurovision? only the countries with usually strong supports from televote could afford sending poorly vocals songs (Greece 09 and 10) but Ireland 2007, Uk 2003, 2008 and 2010 proved that the domination of the two islands are long gone.

      I do think that both countries can do well but they need to do what every other country that ranked well lately even from “old europe” did, match a great song and a great singer (France 09, Belgium 10)

      it’s not enough to say “they can’t sing but have a good song”, and yes a buzz is very important, but Jeward brothers are not Andrew Lloyd Webber !

      • The most obvious solution for both the UK and Ireland is to bring out the big guns. It’s so blummin obvious that almost all the other countries have been doing it.

  13. Has Louis Walsh not learnt the mistakes Pete Waterman have made at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest that cheesy pop songs NEVER work at Eurovision anymore!!!

    When it comes to cheesy novelty songs, you’d better leave it to the Ukrainians as it’s their specialty when it comes to producing good novelty acts, having previously produced Ruslana in 2004 (winner) and Verka Serduchka in 2007 (runner up).

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