Dino Merlin for Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina – The Bosnian national broadcaster has announced their representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 during a special television show. Dino Merlin, who already represented Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1999, will fly the Bosnian flag in Düsseldorf next year. He will also compose the song he will perform which will be presented on February 20. Bosnia-Herzegovina’s head of delegation, Dejan Kukric said there might be a televote to choose the song: ““If the Bosnian entrant cannot decide which song to choose, we can arrange a televoting and let the citizens of  Bosnia-Herzegovina decide on the song”

Dino Merlin represented his country in Jerusalem in 1999 as part of a duo with Beatrice Poulot. Their song Putnici ended uo 7th. He also composed the first Bosnian entry to a Eurovision Song Contest in 1993.

Dino Merlin has also participated in other big European festivals, such as “Copenhagen” in 1996 and “Turkovision” in 1997. His tour promoting his album Sredinom, which was released in 2000, included over 200 concerts, with a spectacular performance at the Koševo Olympic Stadium in Sarajevo, in front of an audience of about 80,000. He and is also popular in the other countries of the former Yugoslavia such as Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia and Slovenia.

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This was their performance in 1999:

Source= ESCToday, wikipedia.org, Image source

7 thoughts on “Dino Merlin for Bosnia-Herzegovina

  1. Over the past few years, BiH has become one of my favorite ESC contributors…I loved Hari Mata Hari, Laka, Regina, and Vuki, and I’m really looking forward to what Dino presents in February! :-)

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