Anke Engelke and Stefan Raab to host Eurovision?

Germany – Comedians Anke Engelke and Stefan Raab are the frontrunners to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf. According to the respected German weekly “Der Spiegel”, they are the NDR’s favourites for the job. A speaker of NDR said: “We won’t participate in speculations concerning this topic. The final of the Eurovision Song Contest is still more than half a year away.” He claimed that the question who will host the event “as well as many other things” has not been decided yet. According to Der Spiegel, the directors of the different regional channels of the ARD will have to agree on the issue. (Which from experience can take weeks)

Stefan Raab has participated 4 times in the contest: In 1998 as composer of Guildo Horn’s song “Guildo hat euch lieb”, 2000 as performer and composer of “Wadde hadde dudde da”, 2004 as composer and mentor of Max Mutzke and finally 2010 as the mentor of Lena-Meyer Landrut. Most Germans believe this year’s Eurovision win is largely due to him as he initiated the casting show “Our star for Oslo” which discovered Lena.

Anke Engelke is Germany’s most popular female comedian. She currently starts in the sketch comedy “Ladykracher” and is famous for her parodies. At the moment she incorporates a German folk duo called “Wolfgang und Anneliese” with her fellow colleague Bastian Pastewka.

Anke Engelke would be the perfect choice, but I’d prefer Hape Kerkeling as male host. If one of Raab’s songs is chosen for Lena, the contest would just be a little bit too influenced by him. Eurovision doesn’t equal Raab after all, not even in Germany!

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5 comments on “Anke Engelke and Stefan Raab to host Eurovision?

  1. he is responsible for all the top 10 spots of germany in the past years, while Ralph got killed with Corina May and with foreign songs (Montenegro)

    but i really dont like him and most of the songs he produces, let alone the horror he performed to Eurovision… he can host it, but i hope he won’t stick to it

  2. you forgoot to mention that anke has grown up in canada in three languages: german, english, french. i had thought of hape, too, but i also could imagine max mutzke. for the greenromm i suggest katja ebstein, mary roos (both esc-divas!) and olli dietrich.

  3. stefan raab – BAD DECISION !!!! BAD!!!

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