Slovakia: Participation very unlikely

Slovakia – After Italy’s return is more than unlikely after yesterday’s X-Factor final, more bad news were announced today. My favourite German Eurovision blog Eurofire has received a mail by Denisa Dzunková of the Slovak television STV, today. She told Eurofire that she does not have good news about the Slovak participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf.

As quite a lot of restructuring is done within the Slovak television station, a participation in the ESC next year is unlikely. In order to  save costs the Slovak prime minister Iveta Radicová and her government have decided to merge the public broadcaster and the radio station Slovensky Rozhlas. The ministry of cultural affairs expects to save 1,7 million euro thanks to this merger. Additionally the fees Slovak people pay to the broadcaster will run out until 2012, which will deteriorate the financial situation of the broadcaster even more. All that seems to make a Slovak participation not only next year, but for some years to come quite unlikely.

The Eurovision Song Contest was quite successful in Slovakia recently. The national final achieved record ratings and just recently 85% voted for Slovakia to participate in an internet poll on the website of STV.

The decision has still not been taken yet tough, so there is still some hope. Before December 15 (the deadline to submit participation applications to the EBU) we will be informed.

9 comments on “Slovakia: Participation very unlikely

  1. Good luck getting everything sorted out, Slovakia.

  2. There is still some hope, so let’s make good use of it. :)

  3. i think Slovakia should boycott the entire thing and stay out cause after all they did their best in sending good songs but they never got even a slightly good position.
    it came to an all time record after they sent one of the best entries in the contest (and also a pre contest fav) and still managed to come out second last – which make me think that perhaps they should not honor the contest with their participation.

    • If every country followed that, Germany would not have won this year as they would’ve stopped participating after 2006,7,8,9 same for France, Spain, Portugal in some years… and the Netherlands of course…

      • of course….

      • that’s not right – Germany had a lot of glory days – they can’t say they are being treated unfairly – the last couple of years they are on the floor is cause the songs they send suck – but before that they were one of the most successfull country in the contest.
        same with France and Spain – well… as for Portugal i am really clueless as why they keep participating – they are getting such an awful results no matter what they send – that i am really surprsied that they keep participating, i mean what still makes them tick after they are suffering for an ill treatment for more than 40 years …

      • Germany did do very very bad since 2001 apart from 2004 where they secured a top 10 and Roger Cicero was a true disappointment in Germany… no one expected that Stefan Raab would be like Ralph Siegel tryng every year til he finally wins it : another 30 years await Germany? or…

        Spain did do quite well in recent years, 2004 was a surprising top 10 but that went down the flame with terrible songs and they seriously can’t care right now, as shows the very low level of their NF

        Portugal kept sending bad songs, and did bad, as they’re sending better songs they now finally got to the finale, what they need is the spark : if only the juries were already at 50% in 2008 Portugal would have made top 10

        France has done good in 2001-2002 and even 03 and 04 are not bad resutls… then three years in a row France did bottom 3 but the channel is really desiring to get back on track : Sébastien Tellier was an amazing and daring choice, that all Baltics and Nordic countries voted for : 47 pts is more than the 3 previous esc songs put together ! then Kaas, a robbed winner and France was happy to get top 10 again but disappointed it wasn’t the top 3 everyone expected… they went for a total shift and after being 4th with the juries in 2009 France got 8th in televote in 2010 so it’s not a bad situation at all

  4. Slovakia was purely brilliant in the 90s, always getting my top 10
    and then, after a decent effort that was still a tiny bit lame in 2009, they sent a typical cliche song in 2010 that really had no climax : but they were sung in slovakian and with true commitment… to me Slovakia should not follow the same road than Czech Republic : the more you try the more you end up chosing wisely and better : not all countries had it easy like Ukraine and Serbia !

  5. I hope Slovakia Stays EBU should no better and try to save these little country’s from withdraw from eurovision it’s sad they should help them to get in i don’t think EBU trying enough to save them and it’s going to be very dissapointing for veiwers in Slovakia but there’s rumers going around about Qatar could make it’s Dabut in Eurovision 2011 ? and EBU asked Kosovo aswell that neally happerned untill Kosovo said no good luck Slovakia hope to see you in 2011

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