Atiye Deniz for Turkey in 2011?

Turkey – Azeri national television Ictimai TV and several other Azeri media report tonight, that Turkish broadcaster TRT has taken a decision concerning its representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf:  21-year-old  Atiye Deniz will represent the Turkish republic in Germany next May. The news has not been confirmed officially yet. It is possible that Azeri newscasters confused an inofficial poll that ended tonight, with an actual decision. Stay tuned or more information!

Atiye was born in Germany, her father is from Turkey and her mother from the Netherlands. She went to Turkey to start a music career and in 2007 she released her debut album Gözyaşlarım there. Her song “Don’t think” was watched over 2 million times and in 2007 she got a prize as “Best Newcomer 2007”. In 2009 her second album “Atiye” was released which includes a duet with Teoman Yakupoğlu.

Having her different origins in mind she created a sound influenced by traditional music, R&B and soul. She sings in English and in Turkish.

The last couple of years TRT had always chosen its representative internally, resulting in quite pleasing results.

Here is her song “Don’t think”:

6 comments on “Atiye Deniz for Turkey in 2011?

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  2. Bad choice if it’s her.

  3. I adore her, and her songs are great!
    Go Atiye!

  4. Great singer, if “Don’t Think” is anything to go by.

  5. Nice text & video, thank you.

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