Armenia’s Vladimir Arzumanyan wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Minsk – In the closest voting in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Armenia has won with just one point ahead of Russia. The last jury from the FYR Macedonia gave  leader’s Russia only one point, but 10 to Armenia. That put Armenia in the lead in the very last minute. The winning song performed by Vladimir Arzumanyan is simply called “Mama”. Favorites Georgia only came forth. All in all the songs were rather disappointing. The show itself was nice, especially Alexander Rybak’s performance of his new single “European Skies” and Dimitry Koldun with all the participants singing the UNICEF-song “Day without war” gave the show at least two above avarage performances. It was also the last appereance of Svante Stockselius as Executive producer of a major EBU event. The host gave him a symbolic 12 points for his efforts to make Eurovision even more popular.

The voting was influenced by neighbourhood and (maybe) political voting: 12 points from Serbia went to Macedonia, 12 points from Belarus to Russia and the Netherlands gave its top marks to neighbours Belgium (to name only a few)

Here’s the full result:

120 points: Armenia: Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama
119 points: Russia – Sasha Lazin and Liza Drozd – Boy and Girl
113 points: Serbia – Sonja Skoric – Carobna noc
109 points: Georgia – Mariam Kakhelishvili – Mari-Dari
85 points: Belarus: Daniil Kozlov – Muzyki svet
67 points: Lithuania – Bartas – Oki Doki
61 points: Belgium – Jill and Lauren – Get up!
54 points: Moldova – Stefan Roscovan – AlliBaba
52 points: Netherlands – Senna and Anna – My Family
51 points: Latvia – Sarlote Lenmane – Viva la Dance
48 points: Sweden – Josefine Ridell – Allt jag vill ha
38 points: FYR Macedonia – Anja Veterova – Eooo, Eooo
35 points: Malta – Nicole Azzopardi – Knock Knock!…Boom Boo
28 points: Ukraine – Yulia Gurska – Miy litak

Read the live ticker protocol of the event here

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This is the winning song:

Photo: EBU

17 comments on “Armenia’s Vladimir Arzumanyan wins Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

  1. Stupid Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Not fair. Russia = WINNER!!!

    • The only stupid here is you!! A boy from a village in Karabakh went and won Eurovision he did something Azerbiajanease government with it’s oil moneys and hatred peopele can’t do spending millions and paying Swedish songwriters for writing their songs! Bye looser!!

  2. I didn’t like Armenia at all.

    I WOuld have prefered Russia… Whatever doesn’T matter anyway.. It’s just Junior

  3. Still 2010.
    Anyways, nice winner. But A little political?

    Just looking back when Belarus nearly won 3 times in a row, Russia 1 and two runner-ups in a row, Georgia 1, Ukraine & Armenia runner-up two times (but now 1).

  4. I voted for Malta but Armenia was good ! Congratulation to Armenia
    Once again Azerbaijani with there stupid and racist comments.. This is just about Song Contest and not about politic. Please Azerbaijani stop your hateful comments!

  5. Little casanova :-)

  6. good job Armenia!!

  7. Apres Valod jan. Armeniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. I need psychological help! I can’t get Dam dam dudi (Georgia) out of my head AAAAA

  9. It is stupid that politic is got involved in Junior Eurovision… For me best were Ukraine, Malta, Serbia (of course) and Georgia (realy infecting song)… Others are ok too, i mean they are children after all, and all of them were absolutely good and adorable…
    Anyway, congratulation Armenia and Vladimir, wish you the best…

  10. where is the moderator of this board when racists comments are published ?

  11. last year Armenia was in the 2nd place…this year they are winners…congratulations Vladimir was the best

  12. Congratulations,I hope Azerbaijan join to JESC at the 2011….

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