Festivali i Këngës: Fraud allegations by Linda Halimi

Albania – Just a few hours ago we published the 32 names, which will participate in the “Festivali i Këngës”, the Albanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Now one of the participants, Linda Halimi,has published fraud allegations on her facebook-wall and announced her withdrawal . According to her the winner of the festival has already been decided, even tough the show won’t start until late December.  She wrote: “My participation at the Festivali i Këngës has been confirmed… But this time I’m going to take things easy and just promote my new song as the winner has been already decided. Nevertheless, I congratulate “Alban Skenderaj and Miriam Cani”  for the first prize at the FiK 2010! :) Respect :)” In the comments to this post Linda Halimi adds: I feel much respect for Miriam and Alban… but it feels very bad when you take part only to fill out a slot in the festival when you actually try to achieve something… This worries all of us simple participants, not all of us are allowed to speak out. But I WILL SPEAK OUT about what I think publicly.. so that it can get better in the future haha…”

” We only don’t speak out because we don’t want to lose the right to take part. It does not mean that we don’t know the truth!  and if you know the winner already? Why put unnecessary effort into it. If they really feel the need, they can just do the show for the winner”

Later she even announced her withdrawal: “People, my participation is DEFINATELY CANCELLED. I will publish my song later here. I am the only artist speaking the truth even though everyone knows it. I don’t know if I will ever return to that contest.”

I have no idea how much of this is true. Maybe there were other problems with the broadcaster, but you can never discard allegations like that as simple fantasy…

One thought on “Festivali i Këngës: Fraud allegations by Linda Halimi

  1. this chick is definetly sick.she has been eliminated at the festival kenga magjike because she has big star allures and she has no respekt for anybody..
    sorry ,but comparing te career of linda halimi with miriam cani and alban skenderaj is like…..WHAT THE FUCK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT!!!!
    every albanian can dream to been represented by such big and wonderfull artists like them.I WOULD BE SO PROUND TE BE SEEN BY WHOLE EUROPE WITH SUCH GREAT ARTIST.perfect voices,perfect looking,perfect music and perfect careen..
    dont know what a country like albania could wish more.
    Godd luck to you guys

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