National finals: Poland, Macedonia and Israel

Poland – TVP has just published the rules for the 2011 Polish national final and thus confirmed its participation in Düsseldorf next year. The national final is set for February 17, while songs can be submitted until December 21. The submitted songs will then be checked for accordance to the rules and will be revealed December 29. Four of the submitted songs will be chosen for the televised national final, while TVP will also give out a number of wildcards. Artists have to be from Poland while lyricists and composers may be foreigner as long as they work with at least one Polish citizen.This year Poland had (once again) not qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest with Marcin Mrozinski and his song “Legenda”

FYR Macedonia – The Macedonian national final will be held in late February or early March. More information is expected to be revealed this December. The new art director of the Skopje Fest, Kokan Dimushevski, has stated that his goal are the selection of quality entries and high-profile stage performances. Furthermore, the new Head of Delegation of Macedonia has been revealed: Ljupco Stojanovski

Israel – Israeli television IBA has announced today the format of their national final. An independent company will produce 6 shows to select the Israeli entry for Düsseldorf. It has not been revealed wether the songs will be performed by several or a single artist (like in the last few years). Israel will perform in the second semi-final, as the first one coincides with a national holiday.

2 comments on “National finals: Poland, Macedonia and Israel

  1. i hope they’ll be back with a good song for once
    last year they had a masterpiece in their NF, PIN’s “Pin Lady” but they withdrew which is insanely sad… the NF was good indie stuff (Nefer were my favorite, Cashbox was great, “Love me” was good but deserved a much stronger performance) and they ended up chosing the OGAE chosen boreness, i was mad at Poland

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