#2: ABBA – Waterloo (1974)

Best Eurovision Songs – Over the last 2 months over 50 people have voted for their favourite Eurovision songs. Over the next weeks we will reveal your “Top 25 Best Eurovision Songs Ever!”.

No big surprise: Your silver medal goes to the legendary ABBA! The 19th Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton became legendary because of four young Swedes, that were already quite popular in Scandinavia, but almost completely unknown in the rest of Europe: Benny, Björn, Anni-Fried and Agnetha. Waterloo won the contest and the rest is history! ABBA is one of the most successful bands in pop music history and without a doubt the biggest success story created by the Eurovision Song Contest!

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And here it is: Your song number 2: ABBA – Waterloo

If ABBA is only second, who is 1st? You will find it out the next days ;) be patient!

5 comments on “#2: ABBA – Waterloo (1974)

  1. not a big surprise, often a winner of all time list, and another winner
    probably the most famous esc songs outside of esc with italy 1958

  2. at least not #1. :D

  3. That’s a classic… I pity all the other contestants who competed against ABBA that year… they stood no chance.

  4. All round family favorite boosted by the vast catalogue of hits that followed.

  5. ABBA has changed the international music scene.
    This was important year for POP music.
    Thanks Abba forever!

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