#3: Marija Šerifović – Molitva (2007)

Best Eurovision Songs – Over the last 2 months over 50 people have voted for their favourite Eurovision songs. Over the next weeks we will reveal your “Top 25 Best Eurovision Songs Ever!”.

We’re entering the Top 3 now! and your bronze medal goes to Marija Serifovic and Molitva (Prayer). 2006 in Athens: An earthquake rattles the Eurovision Song Contest: Lordi, a hard rock band consisting of monsters, wins the good old Eurovision Song Contest (and come 21st in our vote). After this shock for some fans, Marija Serifovic brought credibility back to the Eurovision Song Contest. Her song was in Serbian (first non-English winner since 1996), it was a ballad and she didn’t show half of her body let alone her breasts, which is (let’s be honest) not the recipe for a win at the modern Eurovision Song Contest. Nevertheless, the song won because of Marija’s strong voice and the great and intimate performance. Many of Šerifović’s fans were disappointed tough, with her decision to support Mr. Tomislav Nikolić for president, considering that his party, the Serbian Radical Party’s platform is traditionally based on a Greater Serbia ideal (considered dangerous by some countries located near Serbia). There was also speculations about Marija’s homosexuality, that were never proven.

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And here it is: Your song number 3: Marija Serifovic – Molitva

11 comments on “#3: Marija Šerifović – Molitva (2007)

  1. Not a bir surprise, after “Laje moje” and Serbian songs have been hugely popular among fans… I myself do love Serbia in Erovision, but I much prefer Bosnia & Heregovina, a longer history and songs entirely amazing (except 2005)…

    I only have “Molitva” 10th in 2007 : i didn’t like the performance at all, with the hearts in the hands? It was so cheap but Marija is a good decent singer and the song is what, the only ballad in native language to have won in the 00s… I prefer “Oro” my winner of 2008 and “Ovo je balkan” my 3rd of last year

  2. People whine about (Ex-)Yugoslav countries charting high in Eurovision… but you the “Balkans do it better”. I loved nearly all Bosnian entries, many of the Serbian entries, Croats always produce good songs… the songs are just somehow more… intense. When it’s a ballad, you feel it in your bones and it puts you in melancholic mood… when it’s a happy song, it vibrates real joy and vitalism… Sometimes I feel the western pop music has been desanitized… I have many of the ex-yu artists’ albums in my music collection (and those of my friends who actually come from that part of Europe actually make fun of me for that! Imagine that!)

  3. OMG! What a pointless writting about her support to Mr. Nikolic. It was a complete nonsence and a searching-for-scandal journalistic story and surely it’s not important to mention in a 3-4 sentence text about her Eurovision victory.

  4. Rumours never proven? BBC interviewed her in the middle of the contest along with DQ (Drama Queen) the drag Queen from Denmark. She specifically said the songs should be judged on the quality, not the sexuality of the singers, which I though was a bit rich given the act was one long drag king performance just as DQ’s was high camp.

    Personally I voted for DQ but he never made it beyond the semi.

  5. “(first non-English winner since 1989)”?????????

    You mean 1999, right?!
    1990 – Italian
    1991 – Swedish
    1995 – Norwegian
    1998 – Hebrew

  6. well deserved winner, I was so happy to see her gaing the victory. despite it wasn’t my nr.1-favourite that year, it is my favourite winner of the 21st century so far. I still hope for other qualitative and worthy entries that make it to the top. especially 2010 was a bad joke.

  7. I hated this one and was shocked it did so well, but that’s the great thing about Eurovision – there is always something to discuss afterwards.

  8. Marija has a great voice with excellent interpretation.

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