Czech Republic won’t return any time soon

Czech Republic – According to an article by the Czech website novinky.cz, we shouldn’t hope for a return of the Central European country any time soon. The speaker of Czech television CT, Ladislav Stichy told them: “Our audience hasn’t taken the Eurovision Song Contest very well. Furthermore  the press was very critical about it. If there were fundamental changes in the contest, we would consider coming back.” The Czech Republic has participated 3 times and  is one of the least successful countries in recent years! In 2007 they came 28th and last with only 1 point in the semifinal with Kábat and “Malá dáma”. In 2008 Tereza Kerndlová came second to last in the second semifinal and 2009 Gipsy.cz came last with no point.

It seems like Czech television sees all the problems in the concept of the contest and not in their choices of  entries. Looking at the quality of the three songs entered by the Czechs, that seems quite unrealistic.

Judge for yourself:

Kábat – Malá dáma

Tereza Kerndlová – Have Some Fun

Gypsie.cz – Aven Romale

15 comments on “Czech Republic won’t return any time soon

  1. Won’T miss them. All their entries were total crap!

  2. Czech Republic mustn’t posponed Eurovision Song Contest!!! THAT’S A HORRIBLE!!! In 2012 Czech Republic probably comeback.

  3. true their esc songs were below average esc level
    but their NF were great actually (Lili Marlene in 07 and Czechomor in 08) and Slovakia their hated neighbors are great great great at Eurovision with an amazing NF

    so i hope they can change their minds and take esc seriously

  4. What needs to change is their perception. Eurovision will not change fundamentally and they just need to try again, that’s the only thing anyone can really do. Have the right spirit and try again, try to do better and suddenly it could work for them. You never know when the right song comes along with the right performer who dares to enter. Anyone CAN win, you never know what will happen.

    In my opinion their entries with Kabat and Gipsy.cz were very underrated and I liked them, but I can see that not many others did so I guess I am weird… Still, failures in the past does not equal failure in the future. With a good song, good placing or even a win, public interest would follow. They could have made an internal selection. The real problem is their will and perception.

    • Austria had (almost) the same arguments and this year they decided to really try, because they saw that Germany could do it. Maybe we need Slovakia or Hungary or Poland to win. The truth is, that not only Western Europe had problems (before the juries were introduced). Central Europe had no success as well, they didn’T profit at all from the so-called “Eastern voting mafia”

    • I agree. I think the Czech Republic should try harder to get a place in the final, or maybe in the top 10. As of now my favorite Czech entry is their 2008 entry. Their 2007 entry is cool, but the lead’s voice is too deep. And their 2009 entry is just utter crap.

  5. I’ll miss them tbh

  6. I totally agree with eurovisiontimes. We Middle-European countries had never succes in the contest expect that Hungary (my country) came second when we debuted in 1994 and Poland reached the third place. These are our best results so far so I hope that this fact will change in the near future :D
    Anyway, I`m not surprised that the Czech Rep. withdraws from the contest and I think they should reconsider their not-participation and come back with a good choice of song :D

  7. Czechs would accept it better if better promotion was done. We ate up Pop Idol and X-factor… so it’s not like we were nation of music snobs…

    We should just have fun with it and stop bringing our persecution syndrom in it… We should take it seriously on the music level…

    I am sad for this though.

  8. it’s their problem. Eurovision is a big event and they are out of it. Their entries were trashy and a mess. How the hell did they expect to do well? They must be patient. Bulgaria picked a great entry in 2007 and reached the top 5. Serbia won in 2007, while Andorra has been trying since 2004 (but they are out now as you know)

    I think the Czech broadcaster handled it badly.

  9. I was shocked with Kabat. I understand these guys are huge in CZ, but man… sending them to a ESC??? Now Gipsy.cz wasn’t a bad thing, but he had to spoil it with that performance. OK, was part of the visuals of those silly videos he was doing for a while, mocking martial arts b-movies from the 70’s and 80’s and their fans may actually find it funny, but they should keep it in youtube and be a little more serious in ESC.

    Czech Republic has great artists and very talented musicians that could not only make more justice to their musical heritage but also get better qualification. Perhaps a better selection on their national contest would prevent that less talented but more popular artists to get voted massively by the viewers. Sometimes what we hear more on radio doesn’t mean it is the best choice…

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