Danish national final in February

Denmark – Today Danish national broadcaster DR has announced the date and venue of the Danish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. The “Melodi Grand Prix” will return to the Ballerup Super Arena, one of the biggest Danish arenas, and for the first time since 2002 the contest will be held in the metropolitan area of Copenhagen again. The date of the final has been set as well. On 26 February the Danish representative for Düsseldorf will be chosen. “The Danish Melodi Grand Prix is the crown jewel of Danish entertainment and we will organize a huge music festival once again, for which the Super Arena will be the perfect host” said the entertainment director of DR. The past several years the city of Jutland had hosted the event, now the suburb of Copenhague “Ballerup” is proud to be the host city. The city’s cultural institutions, municipalities and tourism organizations will work closely together to create a blast of a music festival, including not only the Ballerup Super Arena, but the entire city. “We look forward to frame the year’s biggest musical event” declared the director of the Ballerup Super Arena, Ulrik Boss. The Ballerup Super Arena can accommodate 9200 spectators and has already hosted a number of bug musical events. Among them, concerts with major international artists including the Backstreet Boys, Bryan Adams and Rihanna. About 6500 tickets will be sold for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

Source= DR

My Danish is far from perfect so please excuse if I understood the original article wrong (I don’t think i did tough)

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4 comments on “Danish national final in February

  1. Damn! That’s the same day as one of the quater finals in Melodifestivalen. The nordic countries are always too close together!

  2. the great results last year makes Denmark take more seriously esc more and more, with many great MGP in a row, so moving it to Copenhagen and later in the year seems like a logical outcome, but sadly it overlaps with Sweden (whereas in the past, it was earlier like Norway and Finland)

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