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Ukraine: Verka not in the national final

Ukraine – Ukrainian national television NTU has announced that Verka Serdutschka, famous drag queen participant and runner-up of the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, will not participate in next year’s Ukrainian national final. NTU had claimed before that they had given Verka Serdutschka a secure place in the final, when she had wanted to enter the castings. Maybe the whole story was just a PR gag to launch the national final. Meanwhile all the artists participating in the 5 semifinals of the Ukrainian selection are now known:
Semifinal 1

El Kravchuk – “Nadiya”
Inna Voronova
Yakiv Smyrnov
Christina Kim
Dariya Medova
Semifinal 2

Para Normal’nyh
Ivan Berezovskiy – “Ave Maria”
Mika Newton
Eduard Romanyuta
Semifinal 3

Alexey Matias
Vitaliy Galai
Arina Domski
Elena Korneeva – “Why Didn’t I Say Goodbye”
Oleksiy Kvarta
Semifinal 4

Anastasiya Prikhodko
Zlata Ognevich
Mila Nitich
Vladislav Levitskiy
Nataliya Pugatcheva
Semifinal 5

Denis Povaliy
Masha Sobko
Tanya Vorzheva
Maxim Novyts’kiy
Pavlo Tabakov
[Source: 3minutes.me]

One comment on “Ukraine: Verka not in the national final

  1. I won’t miss her/him

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