American Idol contestant for Switzerland?

Switzerland – Can she bring Switzerland out of the Eurovision vale of tears? 20 Minuten Online is pretty sure she can! according to the website, the former American idol contestant (Season 6) from Ohio will soon enter the open online competition of  Swiss television. “A sweet, sexy look, hot pop song (“Just me”) and a good voice” have 20 Minuten Online convinced that she can change track for Switzerland (last in the semifinal this year). In september 2009 she had toured 60 Swiss schools as part of the project “coole Schule” (cool school). Since her American Idol experience Burgess has worked with various record label, but her big breakthrough hasn’t happened yet. Her first single “Dangerouz” only reached position 40 on the US Hot100. The online voting, where Burgess will ,among others, have to compete against Abdul Damja, will start in november. It will determine the acts going on to compete in the televised national final December 11.

Read our interview with Sarah here!

Switzerland has a long history of allowing non-Swiss performers to compete for them. Their last win in 1988 was due to Franco-Canadian Celine Dion and they have to thank  Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja for their last place in the Top 10.

This is her entry “Just me”

Read more about one of her competitors: Abdul Damja

Here is Burgess’ first single “Dangerouz”:

image source © 2010 Solymar Music AG, Switzerland, source= 20minutenonline

29 comments on “American Idol contestant for Switzerland?

  1. Just to have been on American Idol is not enough. Better than that rapper, but still… Switzerland should send bashi

  2. Hmmm, I don’t know how I feel about this even though I’m from the US. What do you think, Eurovisiontimes?

    • I don’t know. I mean we haven’t heard the actual song yet. I have no problem with her being American. I mean there are so many examples for this in ESC history: Celine Dion the Canadian, Johnny Logan the Australian e.t.c

  3. She was in that Schule project, do you think she speaks German? I hope so. :)

  4. I know people speak English, but if I was in another country, I’d learn somethings. I love languages and want to learn more. :)

  5. Haha, the type of tourists who DEMAND everyone to speak to them in English (not just my fellow countrymen, but people from other places) ugh, don’t get me started. :p There are many multilingual people in the US, it all depends on your background. I’m a Latino so I speak English and Spanish. I want to learn another romance language. :)

  6. “Her first single “Dangerouz” only reached position 40 on the US Hot100.”
    a top40-position in the u.s.-charts is an huge achievement I think. ;-) nonetheless I am not a fan of foreign artists in the contest, but if the composer is swiss and she sings in a national language (like in dion’s case) it would be… well, acceptable.

  7. No, sorry. The song is too American, too Disney-girlish and just… too wannabe.

  8. eurovisiontimes, I’m not on this site for a few hours and this happens? :p

  9. I like this song….. but just don’t think its a good Eurovision song

  10. This song is good and lot of fun. It will be the best song in Eurovision I think. It will reach top 10 if many people like this song.

  11. I wonder if you will be making another entry when that Canadian Idol participant joins the selection too as if they were so much more important than the other entrants just because they’ve been in (American) Idol… The woman who submitted 100000 songs have been in Britain’s Got Talent. I see no post about that. Maybe because Sarah is the FANHYPE #1

  12. People in Switzerland will vote and we’ll see which contestant the majority of the country prefers. No need to worry, she may be another Celine Dion one day or start her entertainment career in other means

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