Austria: ‘Eurovision Song Contest adventure’

Austria – After taking a break for 3 years, Austria seems to be taking its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest seriously this time. National broadcaster ORF will organize the national selection in cooperation with the biggest pop music radio “Ö3”. From now on Ö3 will ask its listeners to determine “Who will represent Austria in Germany and rock the biggest music stage in Europe?” The project will culminate in a voting show to be broadcast by the ORF in February. Ö3 plans a “longterm initiative for “indigenous” pop music” The entire country is supposed to discuss and talk about music from Austria. To reach the biggest amount of the Austrian population all channels of the ORF and Ö3 will include the topic frequently in their programming. “The trimedial approach concerning the Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest basis ever!. We are convinced that this very democratic model offers the biggest international chances to Austrian talents” , said the programming director of the ORF Wolfgang Lorenz. ” We have taken the decision to use a completely new form to find the Austrian candidate. With Ö3 we have found a competent and experience partner in the matter of pop music. Thanks to this mutual organization we can guarantee an exciting Austrian preselection” added Edger Böhm, director of programming. “From now on, we invite everyone to the biggest Eurovision-Party ever and we hope that as many people as possible will participate in the  Eurovision Song Contest adventure” excults Georg Spatt, director of Ö3.

From the end of october on, institutions, fan clubs, communities or just simply circles of friends, will be able to nominate their favourites on 023.orf.at. All propositions with more than 33 supporters will then go to the second round, where all Austrians will be able to vote for the 5 best songs. These 5 will then perform in the national final, to be broadcast on ORF.

It seems like Germany’s victory made Austria rethink their stance on the Eurovision Song Contest. I can just say ‘kudos’ to the officials and hope that more countries will follow the Austrian example.


14 comments on “Austria: ‘Eurovision Song Contest adventure’

  1. It’s a good thing they got some renewed interest thanks to Germany’s win, but I don’t understand why they couldn’t have the motivation without Germany winning. Hopefully they’ll send something good this time and STAY in ESC 2012 regardless of their placing 2011.

  2. you write in the article: “I can just say ‘kudos’ to the officials”, what do you mean by “kudos”? – never heard this word!

  3. I don’t know. It seems like they try to copy Germany. Germany only was so successful because Lena went to the casting. With the other contestants they woudn’t have won!

  4. “… and hope that more countries will follow the Austrian example.”

    Now or never, I’d say.

  5. hmmm not a bad idea, too bad it’s only 5 in the final though

  6. What a good idea. Austria must stay at ESC until over 10 years in future.

  7. I just have a few questions:

    1. Can I nominate someone who isn’t from Austria?
    2. Can I nominate at all, since I don’t live in Austria myself?
    3. If I can nominate someone (and if I can’t, for the Austrians who might wonder), how do I nominate? I don’t really understand :)

    I do however understand if I can’t nominate anyone… that would be a little sick, but you know, just checking :)

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