San Marino’s return to Eurovision in 2012?

San Marino – Giovanni Di Stefano the Chairman and CEO of a new record company announced today that his record label wants to sponsor a festival in San Marino to find new talent to enter in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Di Stefano also revealed that his record label will be holding the “International Music Awards” in the Republic of San Marino this year. “I have a lot of faith in Carmen Lasorella and the whole crew at San Marino TV and just because they are a small station does and will not ever exclude them from participating in major events” Di Stefano stated.It is obvious that he wants to promote his label with the new award show and his proposition to help San Marino to return to Eurovision, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t actually do it (Let’s hope so)

San Marino Television have been offered the first call on the television rights for the Music Awards. The station is partly owned by RAI TV of Italy and started broadcasting only in 1992. San Marino already participated once in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008. The band Miodio came last with only 5 points in the semifinal. Since then, San Marino has always declined returning to Eurovision due to financial reasons.

Here is their only entry to date:

4 comments on “San Marino’s return to Eurovision in 2012?

  1. they were in my top 10 let’s hope so

  2. OMG! COMPLICE is awsome song!

  3. sanmarino for me in final in 2008!

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