Never ending story: Liechtenstein at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

Liechtenstein – The German Eurovision blog eurofire reports, that Svante Stockselius, EBU supervisor, has told them that Liechtenstein can apply for a participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany in December.

Liechtenstein’s TV channel 1FLTV had applied for EBU membership earlier this year but would not have become a full member in time to participate in 2011. Now Stockselius explained, that the rules were changed. If a channel is in the process of becoming an EBU member, they can already apply for Eurovision even if they’re not a full member yet. The deadline to send in the needed application papers will be the beginning of december. Due to this new rule 1FLTV and the Hungarian Dúna TV, can leave a backdoor open. They can apply for Eurovision and in case their application to become an EBU member was accepted, could participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Last year the director of 1FLTV, Mr. Kölbel had already expressed his wish to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest with his new television channel. The EBU had orally stated their consent, but the financial burden seemed to be too big for the little channel and thus Kölbel said a participation depended on whether his channel would receive money from the government. A request to get financial aid from Liechtenstein’s government was turned down this summer.

1FLTV will cooperate with a foreign partner to choose an entrant for Liechtenstein

At the moment it seems, that the project can still be pursued even without the money from the government. 1FLTV is in negotiations with a partner for cooperation, which could support the effort financially and also air some of the shows. “This would be a bigger thing. The idea is, to organise a casting show, that will not only air in Liechtenstein, but also in the country of the partner” , Klöbel said. Applications can be made by participants from any country and according to 1FLTV the response is amazing. Even last year they received applications from all around the world “Back then we had inquiries by composers, artists and lyricists from all around the world. A performance at the Eurovision Song Contest is a one in a lifetime chance for an artist”. Artists from Liechtenstein are privileged tough. The show itself, as well as all rounds will be held in Liechtenstein and it will be made sure that an artist from Liechtenstein will be part of the show until the Final.

It has not been revealed by Klöbel with who 1FLTV plans to cooperate, but partners from Germany, Austria or Switzerland are most likely. “Nothing has been signed yet, even tough the negotiations have already made headway”.

In case the applications and negotiations were successful, Liechtenstein could give its debut in Germany in 2011. Liechtenstein had already tried to participate in 1980 and had already selected a song. The small country was rejected tough, as they didn’t have an independent TV station, which is a precondition to become a member of the EBU.

[Source: Eurofire]
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5 thoughts on “Never ending story: Liechtenstein at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011?

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  2. I really hope they join – the more the merrier! I also hope Hungary gets to participate with the new channel and that we see a comeback of Italy!

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