Asiavision Song Contest postponed

India – Bad news from Asia: The Asia-Pacific Song Contest, alias “Our sound” has been postponed yet again until further notice. The contest, a spin-off of the Eurovision Song Contest, was supposed to be held in Mumbai, India this fall. Through the website of the contest, Australian singers had already been asked to send in their propositions and songs to represent their country. Now all that can be found on the website is the notice “Coming soon…”. Although the contest is still planned to be held and the host city is still supposed to be Mumbai in India the dates are unknown. Recently India had gotten bad press for its hosting of the “Commonwealth Games” this year. Whether the postponing of the Asia-Pacific Song Contest is connected to this is not known.

19 comments on “Asiavision Song Contest postponed

  1. I think this will never happen. These countries are just too different to come together.

  2. The whole delaying because of Commonwealth Games problems is a big excuse used by the organisers. India can’t get its act together in a timely manner – thats true, but its more that the organisers have no control over the event to start with.
    Controversy over rights, companies not wanting to associate themselves with a organisation who has failed 3 times already…

  3. Damn … was looking forward to this!

  4. Hi I’m from Hong Kong. Although we don’t know when Our Sound will be held, I don’t mind. I’m looking forward to watch Eurovision in my hometown ‘cuz it’s been unavailable since years ago. Theere is no free TV stations in Hong Kong purchasing Eurovision. This year in May, I only got to know the result on a local English newspapers.

    • welcome to our blog ;)
      I think you could watch it over the internet??

    • Hi, I am from Hong Kong too. I guess it’s too difficult to get all broadcast right in all regions. Plus, I even don’t know there was ASC as there’s no publicized in HK. I turn to this blog because of wikipedia of ESC.

      BTW, I watch ESC every year through the official website, and LIVE. =)
      But it’s too hard to get in the site when it’s about to live, always JAMMED. =(

  5. I’m sad because Our Sound have postponed. I hope Our Sound held few years later.

  6. i think to avoid postponements, the first contest should be held in Manila, Hong Kong, Jakarta or Singapore because of its possible potentials as musical cities…

  7. It’s NEVER going to happen is it guys.

  8. Change the host to the Philippines or Indonesia, these two countries make the best hosts!!!!

  9. Our Sound is barely publicized here in the Philippines. I only found out that one major television network here would be sponsoring for national entry was when I searched over youtube. No advertisements at all. They never announced any artist selection but a song selection was held. I think there were no results given out in public.

  10. I’m from inland China.Also looking forward to watch Our Sound but no propaganda can be found here at all.It may mean that Chinese government didn’t even accept the contest plan.

  11. they should change the host for this contest! it’s either S. korea or australia.. they’ve got the budget for the big break of Our Sound..

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