3J’s for the Netherlands in 2011!

Netherlands – Yesterday we reported about rumors that the band “3J’s” would represent the Netherlands in 2011. Today TROS, the Dutch channel responsible for the Eurovision Song Contest has confirmed that “3J’s” are the representatives for 2011. The Netherlands are thus the second country to reveal their act after Germany’s Lena Meyer-Landrut has announced to defend her title. The band will compose 5 songs for a National final. The best song will be chosen 50% by televotes and 50% by an independent jury. The band members said about their participation: “We have followed the Eurovision Song Contest for years and for us it’s a dream come true to finally be able to participate”

The band name is an allusion to the names of the three band members (all starting with a J): Jaap Kwakman and Jaap de Witte (guitars), Jan Dulles (vocals). They are Volendam in the north of Amsterdam and their songs are mostly in Dutch.

Their big breakthrough came with their album “Watermensen”

What do you think? Will the 3J’s bring the Netherlands back to the Eurovision final?

Here are some of their songs:

6 comments on “3J’s for the Netherlands in 2011!

  1. I like them! They could do a Tom Dice 2010 next year. I hope for the Netherlands!

  2. I hope they sing in Dutch at the contest.

  3. I’m pretty excited at this news. After a string of scandals surrounding the work of new national broadcaster TROS in 2010, it was feared that the next ESC would be a similar embarassment and a further descent towards the conservative “TROS” Schlager style. I feel that they have taken perhaps their best option to get us out of the mess.

    The 3Js are a solid choice. They have a quite distinctive Dutch style that does appeal to the conservative “TROS-minded” viewers. However, their work rises far above most of their local colleagues in depth and quality. They are a group of highly experienced musicians, who can write and produce very well; they have made some catchy yet elaborate compositions that did reasonably well in the Dutch charts.

    They will likely sing in Dutch, but in the media they have spoken favorably about Tom Dice’s entry and doing a song in that style.

    But, in regards to the poll: If 2010 is an example of the competition’s qualities, a place in the final is not guaranteed. A lot of countries are taking the contest very serious these days — and there seems to be momentum building in Western Europe as well, after the huge success of Lena.

  4. think that english would be better choice, it fits good with their music style…and for general audience

  5. Yes, they will sing in Dutch. I think, because of the juries too, they can finfish 7th or 8th in the Semi-Final and go to the final then. Place 10-20?

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