Finland and Bulgaria for 2011

Finland – The Finnish National Final will take place in Turku one of the European capitals of culture. “Eurovision is European culture at its best” YLE speaker Merete Manninen said. The last years the National Final had also been held in Turku. The three semifinals (each with 5 songs) will be held in Tampere tough! Three songs from each semifinal will go to the final and a tenth song will be given a wildcard by YLE. The Final will take place February 12th.

Bulgaria – According to rumors Philipp Kirkorow, the well-known and very popular Bulgarian songwriter has offered the Bulgarian television BNT his help as a songwriter for the Bulgarian song for 2011. He would write 3 songs that would be presented in a National Final where the Bulgarian public could vote for their favourite. Kirkorow has already achieved very good results for Ani Lorak (Ukraine) and Dimitry Koldun (Belarus) in the Eurovision Song Contest. Kirkorwo was born in Varna on the Black Sea. 2011 would be the first time that he enters a song for his own country.

3 comments on “Finland and Bulgaria for 2011

  1. Turku may be a capital of culture, as the Eurovision. But the Eurovision would be even more representative of the diversity of cultures in Europe if participants were allowed only to sing in their national languages.

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