No Kazakhstan at Eurovision

Kazakhstan – Apparently the European Broadcasting Union has, once again, rejected the Central Asian countries’ request for participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. As Kazakhstan is not part of the broadcasting area of the EBU, but rather of the Asian Broadcasting Union the former soviet country is not eligible to enter, Svante Stockselius explained. The president of Kazakhstan had already announced a big concert to celebrate Kazakhstan’s participation, that now will go to pot. There are apparently no plans to participate in the new Asia-Pacific Song Contest, that Kazakhstan is certainly allowed to participate in. What do you think? Should Kazakhstan be able to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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28 thoughts on “No Kazakhstan at Eurovision

  1. Azerbaijan – situated in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
    Georgia – situated in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
    Kazakhstan – situated in Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
    Russia – situated in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe.
    Turkey – situated in Western Asia and Eastern Europe.

  2. I think, that is a difficult questiion. In principle it would be nice to have any country to take part, who feels connected to europe in some or another way, not necessarily geographically.

    However, more participants would also mean more semi- (quarter ?) finals. I don’t think that people are willing to watch all this, and tv-channels to finance and broadcast 20 hours of ESC or so. And even if they would, there remain problems we can not get rid of so easily. As an extreme example: if Australia would be allowed to take part and wins, are we then all going to watch the ESC at 8 o’clock in the morning? Well, maybe someone has some clever ideas to overcome all this problems … but it’s not so simple.

    • There’s a 45 countries limit since the 2 semis system. More than 2 semis would be impossible , only 47 countries members of the EBU can take part, Vatican City/Arab countris confirmed that they will never enter (for obvious reasons, it’s not a muslim event and they are against semi-naked woman :p)
      2 arab countries : Morocco and Lebanon but they can’t because of Israel.
      1 (or 2) Associate members showed interest in the contest (one of them is Palestine, but i think we can wait till they eventually merge with Israel :p) and Qatar (unlikely)
      2 Pending countries showed interest (Liechtenstein,Kazakhstan)
      1 “still waiting for UN recognition, for the moment 69 countries only, they need 96, thay can still wait i think” : Kosovo
      Even if all those countries participate, that would make 53 countries, considering Italy come back etc… enough for a 3 semis system (each semi has a limit of 20 countries) but sooo unlikely.

      It would not be the first time the EBU increase the limit of countries anyway, but it would be ridiculous. the 45 countries limit with max 20 countries per semi is perfect. If some country wants to enter, it would be according to their previous results, and that’s good (get rid of the countries that send crap).

  3. part of Kazakhstan is in eirope approx 4% so how can they be outside EBU broadcasting area i dont understand? i believe if any part of a countires teritiory lies within europe then they should be allowed to participate in europes biggest event, also Kazakhstan participate in UEFA not AFC!

    • Mate, 20% of Kazakhstan is the European part.
      Comparing to Israel. They are come from AFRICA (so… they are African)
      Now, Israel in Asia and don’t have a border with any European countries.

      even Turkey. just small part of territory located in europe.

  4. The area Kazakhstan is in Europe is approx 270 000 sq km… the rest lies in Asia… so 10% of Kazakhstan area is in Europe… this area is bigger than area of countries like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belgium, Denmark and many more… So i guess, they ought to participate in the Eurovision (if they want to).
    from Czech

  5. I personally do not want Kazakhstan to participate in Eurovision, so I am from European part of Kazakhstan. We don’t that event

  6. For each new euroasian country that will come to the show and give points to Russia, Eurovision have to open the door to another country from old Europe or Mediterranean (Morocco, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Liechstenstein, Andorra, Tunisia…). So, is very important to balance West and East Europe contestants. Or Eurovision will be RussiaBalkanvision Song Contest.

  7. I am from Georgia and we are 100% in Europe.
    Armenia, Turkye, Azerbaijan, Russia & Kazakhstan are both in Europe & Asia.

    I say YES to Kazakhstan and GOODBYE to Israel
    Israel has nothing to do in European events :)

  8. Kazakhstan must to go to the Eurovision. Why no? We have worthy representatives, well and about territory to speak there is nothing.

    We shall win an Eurovision!

  9. Kazakhstan must join! 20% of territory in Europe! This 20% territory is larger than Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Rep, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herz. etc.
    Kazakhs could spice Eurovision contest up with totally different culture!

  10. and this is why we shouldn’t let them in: Kazahkstans 6 points go to Turkey, 7 points to The Ukraine, 8 Points to Georgia, 10 Points to Azerbiajan, 12 points to Russia! NO WAY IN HELL SHOULD THEY ENTER THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST JUST TO MAKE THE BLOCK VOTINGS WORST!

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