Our Sound: Info and Cambodian participant: Phorn Nida

There’s a new event that will ease the painful process of waiting for the next ESC a little for Eurovision fans: The Asia-Pacific Song Contest “Our Sound”. The competition is a spin-off of the over 55 year-old Eurovision Song Contest and will take place in Mumbai, India this year. There will be a “Performance show” on November 24th where the 13 countries participating will present their songs and a “Winner show” on November 26th with the voting in Eurovision-style (12,10,8… points). In between these shows the public will have the chance to choose the first winner through SMS and Internet voting. See which countries participate and the first selected act from Cambodia:The voting format is slightly different tough: “The voting system addresses the strong patriot feelings in Asian countries by allowing two votes, one of which may be for their own country.” It will be interesting to see how this rule will play out. I guess we will hear 12 points go to … us about 13 times ;)

The countries participating are:

Hong Kong
New Zealand

The host will speak in English and Fr.. ehrm Mandarin ;) and the show will be broadcast in 44 countries and over the Internet. National selections are expected to start in October.

Apparently Australia and New Zealand plan public selections. Information about the other countries is not known yet except:

Cambodia has already chosen its participant:

Phorn Nida will sing the first entry for Cambodia. She is 21 years old and was born in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. In 2007 she won a talent show and thus started a quite successful  music career.

Here is one of her songs (not her entry!):

I’m looking forward to this. It’s almost sure to have more viewers than the Eurovision Song Contest ever had ;)

There are already rumors that Charice Pempengco the young girl with the powerful who already sang with Céline Dion might represent the Philippines

The question is who will be the Asian version of Lys Assia and will political and diaspora voting play a big role? I can see China doing really well…

30 comments on “Our Sound: Info and Cambodian participant: Phorn Nida

  1. China will win… They have neighbours support and so many immigrants in Australia… But we’ll see. This is great. Let’s hope Africa, America also start a contest, then we have one every 4 months or something ;)

    • There are lots of immigrants in different countries, you can see Australia, New Zealand, Singapore… Votes from there might be really surprising.

    • South America already did one, with the participation of Spain and Portugal, it was called the OTI festival. But it was cancelled since the late 90’s

  2. Cool! I will be interestet to see who will vote for who’*s country. @Lilly: we doesn’t know the songs! You can’s say now CHina is winner country!

  3. Why Japan is not participating? … I’ll be waiting to see this contest. Good luck to everyone!! ^_^

  4. Am i the only one that think this is steeling eurovision!! when this starts eurovision wont be as popular!! :(

  5. She sings horrible!! :s

  6. I think it’s a very good thing that people are allowed to vote only 2 times. Unlike in Europe, this will not lead to massive and dishonest diaspora voting!

    • I like it too, I’m not too sure how they want to control that tough… I mean just take your friends 30 mobile phones and you have 60 votes…

      Also I don’T like the vote for your own country thing at all…

  7. “the 12 point go to us” Maybe not in countries with huge chinese diaspora (although it would be pretty much the same thing, i’m thinking about Hong Kong and Taiwan lol)

  8. And yes i will follow this, but China IS top 5, that’s a fact :p.
    We need more Western countries (in a asiatic point of view :p so Kazakhstan etc) and more Oceanic ones + Japan + South Korea to change that fact (and hopefully North Korea, they would send the same “patriotic song” every year xD)

  9. Indonesia has great music ;)

  10. Live performance shown had a cute tune to it!

    Pka Knong Pka is a bit boring, though, on the first listen.

  11. Dangit.. Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia but not Laos? :(
    Maybe next time.

  12. Fælles-Spisning I Kvarterhuset…

    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  13. hi, if someone have special news?

  14. […] This is an official confirmation that Australia will have an open selection! (as opposed to Cambodia) Anyone can send their original song with a video to the official site. The video does not have to […]

  15. Our Sound will have lot of great songs in future.

  16. I love Eurovision so much, I can’t wait for this! That Nida sure can sing. I’ll definitlely listen to every song!!

  17. That song is awful. Not at all catchy. I hope she sings something better for Our Sound…

  18. Humm is not her song !she just sing for the show i let yu know her own song

  19. you welcome =)

  20. Based on today’s trend, Korea will probably win the first OurSound in a landslide. But considering of diaspora voting, yes, China will surely win.

    Nevertheless, nobody can truly predict the winner…

    Indonesia and Malaysia share similar music taste… Same goes to other countries. Neighbour voting will play a huge role in this show…

  21. List candidate :
    Indonesia : Agnes Monica or Afgan or Krisdayanti
    Malaysia : Siti Nurhaliza or Faizal Taher or Jacklyn Victor
    Singapore : Hadi Mirza or Alif Aziz or Taufik Batisah
    Vietnam : Phong Phy or Siu Black
    The Phillipines : Christian Bautista
    And all participants vote >>>> 12 point for Indonesia

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