German politician demands small budget for ESC 2011

Germany – The party spirit in Germany after Lena’s victory in Oslo seems to be fading as German politician “Hans-Joachim Otto” from the governing party FDP has called for a small budget for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Germany. “It doesn’t have to be bigger, more dazzling, more pompous and more expensive every year“. Otto, who is the spokesperson of his party for media affairs, would prefer a “reduced to what is necessary and modest event” in keeping with Lena’s simple performance this year. At the same time Otto proposes Frankfurt am Main as host city, as “Mainhatten” has the best transport links (airport!).  It won’t surprise you when I tell you, that Mr. Otto’s home and constituency is in Frankfurt am Main.

Director-General of the NDR, Lutz Mamor, has refuted the demand made by the politician. “Even small countries were able to deliver great shows in the last few years and Germany should be as good a host as they were for Europe”. Mamor says the NDR hopes not to spend more than the organisers did this year in Oslo (24 million €)

The FDP is currently facing turmoil and a steep loss in the polls, which might explain this rather populist comment.

38 comments on “German politician demands small budget for ESC 2011

  1. I hate the FDP. They destroy Germany!

  2. […] friends at the Eurovision Times are running a poll. Let your voice be heard, Europe! Let’s keep the euro in Eurovision! […]

  3. Simple is OK, the trend now is to reduce uneccssary wastage. Europe as a more developed region, may show the world how they hold functions with suitable budget and resources.

  4. I think it would be fun to see what would happen if it were kept simple!

  5. Well Germany has always being cheap when it come to eurovision –
    remember the eurovision in 1983 ? the stage didn’t have any backround what so ever just those electric fences that looks like they were brought on from some death camps.

    and also there were no postcards at all just the name of the country for a mintue and half on the screen.

    so i see it’s going to be the same this year as well

  6. like anyone’s going to listen to some dude of the FDP, I mean, c’mon, it’s the FDP, the new butt monkey of German politics!

  7. germany, are expertrs in media,lightening and sound..
    expect nothing but the BEST for Germany…
    viel spass noch

  8. voted for just like Oslo.. I prefer the minimalistic style… best wishes to the host country:-‘)

    • Oslo was a disappointment : they didnt really go for minimalist… they still tried to make it look bigger than it was, it was mostly cheap around… it did look “good” overall so im mostly happy but i was disappointed they ddn’t really assume til the end going for the small and cozy

  9. Ok this was ment to the stage which was looking minimalistic.. simpel and nice ligtings. I agree that the whole looked a bit “empty”, people were spread everywhere..

  10. Thank God nobody takes the FDP seriously anymore these days.

    • Haha yeah ;) I hope they will be thrown out of the parliaments in Baden-Würtemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz this year–

    • aren’t the liberal part of the government still?

      • Yes, but they constantly make fools of themselves. Our foreign minister is virtually non-existant, our environment minister only protects the government from the environment, or development minister (another FDP guy although they had promised to abolish this department prior to the elections) only protects the German industry’s interests against developping nations etc. It’s a farce. Well, this is such a sad topic and off-topic too … I guess I better stop now! Grrrrr!

      • at least it’s only a part of your government, Sarkozy’s UMP is all like that, or they have to shut up if they still want the party to pay their elections and that’s all we have on the left (with the FN, extreme nationalist and well racists, xenophobes etc.)

      • I always think German politics is awful, but if you look at France, Italy, the US we’re actually pretty well off ;)

      • the UK and Spain are very very bad off and if you’re a socialist then Italy and the US are the worst

      • Yes, I am very glad that we haven’t got any of those right-wing parties in parliament here in Germany. (With the exception of some Eastern states …).
        Well, there is still work to be done. See you tomorrow. ‘Night!

      • the extreme right is not in our Parliament, no deputy elected and no senators either (senators being elected undirectly by the directly elected council (city, department, region) members) : but they do very well as the “third wheel”

      • Le Pen’s party is not in the parliament?

      • Gosh, I am useless tonight … thus I better do not go near work. :( Italy is lost to any decent democartic cause for decades, I am afraid. But since they managed to return to ESC after so many years, there is still hope, I guess. Yeah! I made it back to ESC. :)

      • Good job ;)

        Maybe Berlusconi decided to participate in Eurovision to polish Italy’s image in Europe

      • If we get Berlusconi in ESC, there will be a lot of boobs shaking in the background, I suppose. (Are people banned here for not being pc … Well, I guess not since Morgan is still around :) )

      • Italian politics are doomed, and not just because Berlusconi controls most media. The mafia has ganied much power and the revolution of the judges led wonderfuly in the 90s is now past and long dead… even Berlusconi is above the justice system and I don’t see how it can change…

        now if we move to a more social matter, when the left was for a short period of time under Prodi at power, they wanted to finally legalize gay civil union and while the country was in majory for (at around 60%) after the Vatican said it was against it, the number decreased to 47% in favor, to me there’s a big issue there of a state actually not secular

      • and no, there are no FN members in either l’Assemblée Nationale (in Palais Bourbon) nor in the Senate (Palais du Luxembourg) : the voting system would never let it happen. Deputies are elected in two rounds where can be candidate everyone reaching 18% on the first round : most of the times it makes it FN / UMP / PS and while right is a bit divided, all left and some center end up voting PS which wins… Of course sometimes UMP wins it too, but it makes it almost impossible for any other parties than the two big ones to enter the Assemblée Nationale (lower house)… the left usually allies so that thre are no socialist candidates against a communist or a green, so that they both have 20 members (there must be 20 deputies to make it a “group” in the Chamber, and each group can have at least one sit in the sub chambers debating the laws) whereas the right wing refuses rightfully to ally to the extreme right and therefore they’re the first party of France and like to present itself as a unite group, but that stops all of extreme right movement from entering the house.

        As for the Senate, the senators are elected by directly elected council members in City, Department and Regions. As directly elected there are very few FN cities and even less sitting in regions, they’re not strong enough to get any FN member elected in the Senate.

      • Well said toggie about Berlusconi and his “ESC” entry hahaaa.. My Italian friend would loved this comment.. sadly he is not in to ESC at all:-)

      • ps : togravus by PC do you mean “politically correct” ? i’m very correct
        at first you meant Party Communist and i was huh? lol

        im a marxist :p

      • Morgan

        I am a marxist too, but only in analysis, not in conclusuoin.

      • everyone has to be marxist in analysis, it’s brilliant history and great economy, not bad philosophy either

        politically is the problem with marx (he just never tackled it really)

  11. Ohh politics!!!

  12. Roselil

    Well, then he won’t meet us. Does he know what he misses? LOL

    • ofcourse he doesnt know this lol… he is too much busy with Amnesty and he is too much serious person in general..well now that Italy will return, maybe he will change his mind. I hope so!

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