National Final in Switzerland?

Switzerland – The Swiss TV-newspapers “Tele” and “TV-Star” report that in 2011 the Swiss public will be able to decide who will represent the country in Germany next years. Since 2005 the editors of the Swiss television stations SF,TSI and RSI have selected the act to represent Switzerland internally. Except for 2005, when they bought Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja, they didn’t have much success as Switzerland failed to qualify in 2007 with DJBobo, 2008 with Paolo Meneguzzi, 2009 with the Lovebugs and 2010 with Michael von der Heide. SF-Eventleiter Sven Sarbach comments that “The problem is the budget. If we get money,  would like the idea“.

Switzerland’s “Il pleut de l’or” by Michael von der Heide this year can be called the least successful entry of 2010, only getting 2 points in the second semifinal.

5 comments on “National Final in Switzerland?

  1. Vanilla Ninja represented Switzerland in 2005, not 2006.

  2. No, 2005 is right. 2006 was the german Ralph Sigel with Switzerland with some group. They finished behind Texas Lightning for Germany. ^^

  3. Good idea! I hope for songs in the national languages.

  4. C’était ma chanson préférée de l’eurovision de cette année mais j’ai été très déçu par sa prestation.

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