Score Analysis 2: Places 16-20

20. Norway – Didrik Solligen-Tangen – My heart is yours

After last year’s win with Alexander Rybak in Moscow, Norway was the host thus year and had high hopes again for Didrik Solligen-Tangen. Some saw him as a dark horse for victory. Unfortunately, he couldn’T benefit from the “home ground bonus”. This 20th place is the worst result for a host nation since Ukrainian band “Greenjolly” also came 20th in Kiev in 2005.

19. Iceland – Hera Björk – Je ne sais quoi

Another big fall from last year. In 2009 Iceland was the runner-up for the second time in its Eurovision history (the other being 1999) but this year the island has to digest a 19th place. It has to be noted tough that this is Iceland’s third consecutive qualification to a Eurovision final. 2005,2006 and 2007 they didn’t make the cut. In 2008 Euroband were able to qualify and achieved a respectable 14th place in Belgrade. “Je ne sais quoi” is tough the third most successful Icelandic entry in 5 years.

18. Portugal – Felipa Azevedo – Há dias assim

This is the worst placing song this year entirely sung in the National language. Portugal hasn’t had much success in Eurovision. In over 40 years of participation the best place is still a sixth place in 1996 achieved by Núcia Moniz. Just like Iceland Portugal was able to qualify for the third time in a row (which they failed to do from 2004 to 2007). In 2008 Vania Fernandez was able to achieve a second place in her semifinal but fell to 15th position in the final. Last year Flor-de-lis also achieved a place in the Top 20 (15th). Felipa Assavedo’s 18th place is thus the worst place in three years, but considering the constant non-qualifications before that, can still be seen as a success.

17. Bosnia-Herzegovina – Vukasin Brajic – Thunder and lightning

Bosnia and Herzegovina has never failed to qualify from a semifinal and unsurprisingly they did it again this year. In the last 5 years they only failed to reach the Top 10 once in 2007. It is thus no surprise, that this 17th position is the worst for Bosnia-Herzegovina since 1997. Their best place to date was in 2006 in Athens when Hari Mata Hari achieved a third place with his song “Lejla”

16. Albania – Juliana Pasha – It’s all about you

Albania started participating in 2004. In its seven years of participation it has qualified to the final 4 times (In 2005 they were already qualified for the final) and failed 3 times. The 16th place achieved this year by Juliana  is the best result since their debut. The last 2 years they came 17th in the final and in 2005 they reached 16th place as well, but with less point than this year. The best result to date is still their debut entry by Aneza Shahini which reached 7th place.

Part1: The Bottom 5

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