Voting analysis 4: Who voted for Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan was the hot favourite to win this year in Oslo. They had spent millions on promotion and were hoping to win for the first time, but all the money only heaved them to 5th place. But who voted for Azerbaijan and even more interesting: Who didn’t?

The 12 points from Turkey come as no surprise! In 3 participations Turkey and Azerbaijan always exchanged their 12 points. I guess we have a new Greece-Cyprus here!

The 12 points from Bulgaria could also be expected to go to Azerbaijan, as “Drip Drop” had already been played by radio stations there.

Malta also gave top marks to Safura. In the past Malta has many times given their 12 points to countries that were far from the Top 10. This year allegations arose that Azerbaijan had sent money to employes in embassies in smaller countries so that they could vote for Azerbaijan. whether this is true is not clear yet, it would explain the 12 points from Malta tough.

The song did quite badly in Western Europe, only Spain and Norway gave it more than 6 points.

Very surprising are 10 points from Cyprus. The Islands didn’T give any points to runner-up Turkey, but the other Muslim country in the region got high marks from Cyprus. Maybe it was all about the music styles afterall?

Armenia did not give a single point to its neighbour (and as it seems rival). Their petty fights overshadowed the aftermath of last years Eurovision Song Contest and this year problems arose again between the two Caucasus nations

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12 comments on “Voting analysis 4: Who voted for Azerbaijan?

  1. […] Voting analysis part 4 : Who voted for Azerbaijan […]

  2. Western Europe gave Azerbaijan a total of 31 points. The rest came from the East and Malta.
    Bosnia and FYR Macedonia were the only balkan countries to give more than 1 point, I guess the muslims in each of those countries supported it.
    The ex-ussr countries gave a total of 43 points (from a possible maximum of 108)
    Unexpectedly high points came from Malta, Bulgaria and Israel. Is this kind of Rihanna-like rnb styled ballad music so popular there? Or did they like the performance so much? Who knows…

  3. I forgot to add Cyprus in the unexpectedly high points. Malta, Bulgaria, Israel and Cyprus gave a total of 41 points from a maximum possible of 48.

  4. i’m sure the juries in Israel, Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria were paid to vote for Azerbaijan.

    Even ex soviet countries didn’t support Azerbaijan as they did last year.

  5. “The 12 points from Bulgaria could also be expected to go to Azerbaijan ..” .. not to forget: Bulgaria was out of the competition and has a big turkish minority, so their influence in televoting was greater. No wonder, they preferred the azerbaijan-entry.

    In fact, Cyprus and maltese points for Azerbaidjan are somehow suspicious, but I wouldn’t go as far to suggest something. Coincidences will help, if there really was any inconcesty. It would also have been enough to book some flights to La Valetta via Nicosia for the same impact.

    Doesn’t matter in my opinion, I don’t like any conspiracy-theories, until there is no real evidence.

  6. That’s not really surprising isn’t it ?

  7. “Bosnia and FYR Macedonia were the only balkan countries to give more than 1 point, I guess the muslims in each of those countries supported it.”

    What a rubish! Sorry.

    Bosnian people don’t care about Azerbaijan in that (political) way. We didn’t vote for them at all in 2008 when they’ve sent that under-average song. We voted for them in 2009 and 2010 when they placed in TOP 5 and it is completely natural for one country to give points to songs which were placed high on the end (TOP 5 in case of Azerbaijan).

  8. Surprising well-explained topic, the Bulgarian 12, the Cypriot 10 (that prove again that the contest isn’t political, but i’m sure that it got 10 from televoting and probably less from juries as they are the ones who vote politically, but in Cyprus it isn’t obvious, well done Cyprus).

    Should mention the Moldovan and Ukrainian high points, their only friends besides Russia/Turkey and Georgia(?)(? because they doesn’t seem to vote for them a lot, but Azerbaijan is a new country in the contest so we can’t tell)

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