Azerbaijan accused of cheating

Azerbaijan – French-Syrian businessman Omar Harfouch accuses Azerbaijan of cheating on the French website jeanmarcmorandini.com. He claims  Azerbaijan exerted pressure on jurors of several countries, paying bribes through Azerbaijani embassies in these countries. He also stated earlier that Azerbaijan had sent money to its embassies so the personal could vote for their country and influence the televote espacially in smaller countries. According to Omar Harfouch, the bribes total sum amounted to $20 million.

Meanwhile, Adil Kerimli has refuted Russian media reports, that the participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, including the National Final, preview video, promotion and the actual performance of the song “Drip Drop” cost over 10 million Euro. Kerimli said that about 1,6 million Euro were spent for Safura and the song, which is still quite a lot of money. They had several sponsors helping them, including the countries’ oil company SOCAR.

Azerbaijan was represented by Safura, who was the hot favorite before the contest and achieved a 5th place.

Voting analysis part 4 : Who voted for Azerbaijan

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36 comments on “Azerbaijan accused of cheating

  1. I know this is very old, and I know there have been worse things before that Manuel let go off, but two recent messages including “f*ck azerbaijan” were deleted by me! It’s not countries we are against, it’s their broadcasters, maybe their delegations or even maybe some random people who decide to cheat for their countries without the powers knowing, or maybe there is no one cheating.

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