Score Analysis 1: The Bottom 5

This is the first part of our analysis of the scoreboard of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

In the Bottem 5 this year, we have two traditionally successful Eurovision nations, an island, a dictatorship and no grandma with a drum:

25. United Kingdom – Josh Dubovie – That sound’s good to me

The third last place for Josh and the United Kingdom is also the third one in only 8 years. The United Kingdom used to be one of the most successful ESC countries (5 wins and 15 second places). In the last decade they had a series of very bad placings tough. In 2003 they “reached” last place for the first time ever with Jemini (0 points). 5 years later they came last again with Andy Abraham. In the last 10 years the UK only had 2 Top 10 placings (2002, 2009).With his 10 points Josh thus achieved the second worst result ever.

24. Belarus – 3+2 – Butterflies

This was only the second time a Belarussian entry qualified for a Eurovision final since they started participating in 2004. For the “Last dictatorship in Europe” this has thus to be seen as a success. They can’t be too happy about a second to last place tough. The only entry more successful than Butterflies was “Work your magic” by Koldun which came 6th with 145 points. If you ask me, the predjudice of the “Eastern European voting mafia” can be refuted with a smoking gun: Belarus.

23. Ireland – Niamh Kavanagh – It’s for you

Ireland oooo Ireland… “The home of Eurovision” has to suffer yet another defeat. After the glorious 90s with 4 Irish vicotries (and only 2 years outside of the Top 10) the “00s” seem ever more horrible. The best place Ireland achieved in the last 10 years (2001-2010) was a 10th place in Athens with Brian Kennedy and “Every song is a cry for love”. The year after (they were already qualified to the final) they came last tough and in 2008 and 2009 they didn’t even qualify to the final. 1993 winner Niamh has achieved at least that, but her 23rd place just gets into the line of very dissapointing results for the Green island.

22. Moldova – Sun Stroke Project & Olia Tira – Run away.

Apart from the non-qualification in 2008, this has to be Moldova’s worst placing so far. Their 6th place at their debut (remember the drumming grandma) remains their best result to date. The last Moldovan entry that belonged to the Bottom 5 in a Eurovision final was “Loca” in 2006, which achieved a 20th place thus placing better than this years entry. It has to be noted tough that Sun Stroke Project and Olia Tira got 5 more points than Loca.

21. Cyprus – John Lillygreen and the Islanders – Life looks better in spring.

Cyprus hadn’t been part of a Eurovision final since 2005. In 2004 Lisa Andreas reached 5th place for the island (best result ever). In 2005 Konstantinos was thus already qualified for the final (Top 10+Big4 were automatically qualified) and achieved a meager 18th place. Since then Cyprus has repeatedly failed to qualify for the Final untill 2010. Nevertheless the 21st place is the worst result in a final since 2000.

Sidenote: All of these songs were performed in English and 3 of the lead vocalists were native English speakers. It seems a good pronounciation (lav ooh lav) is not as important as some journalists seemed to believe before the contest.

Next up: The Top 20


11 comments on “Score Analysis 1: The Bottom 5

  1. Well analysis. I very much like!

  2. For UK: Andy Abraham and the entire team gave a musical performance in 2008, I like it but it didn’t match voters’ “tastes”. I like Josh Dubovie, he is very handsome and has great voice. I believe he can be a pop idol in 2010s but he needs to have contemparary songs.
    For Ireland, if putting off the fan in front of Niamh, I believe she would have hit the notes well. It does matter ‘cuz voices can be easily hindered by artificial wind. Her song is classy and has deeper meaning, I got encouragement.
    Some suggested Dublin-born twins JEDWARD to participant in 2011 ESC. I think this is a good idea if they could represent Ireland, they may bring Eurovision back to “Home”
    First,Eurovision tastes and trends have changed a lot.
    Second, I saw their performance, of course they need to practice a lot to stay in tune. But can’t deny that they have potential to get points with their cute faces and catchy style of singing, as we can see Lena won this year.

  3. your smoking gun about eastern mafia – is not smoking at all
    Belarus always used to be an outsider of the mafia much like Slovenia used to be outsider of the ex yugoslav mafia

  4. Belarus have basically no friends, no diaspora, nothing. Excepting Mother Russia, they have 4 other friends but with WAY less automatic points (Latvia/Lthuania/Ukraine and Armenia don’t massively vote for them). And that’s pretty much all. Will be funny to hear the day they win “IT WAS POLITICAL DAWN IT”.

  5. cyprus had a great song in 2008, Femme fatale…

  6. for me Ireland TOP 10!

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