Will they return?

With Germany’s victory, the reasons of Autrian broadcaster ORF for withdrawing from the Eurovision Song Contest are no longer valid! After meager results in the past ORF had withdrawn from the competition claiming, the quality of the song would not count and critizising political voting. Germany’s victory this Saturday has proven that the contest has changed since the introduction of the juries. Germany is widely seen as one of the countries withouth neighbour or diaspora support.

The “Generaldirektor” of the ORF has announced today that they will “for sure rethink” whether they should send an entry to their big neighbour Germany in 2011.

The chances of Austria returning in 2011: 80%

You might think that Italy will be tempted to return as Germany is a Big4 country and has proven it’s possible to win (Italy would become part of the Big 4 if it returned). Furthermore Svante Stokselius has made it one of his priorities to bring Italy back to the contest. BUT: Italy’s reasons to withdraw were never the political voting. They lost interest in the contest and wanted to focus on their San Remo Festival.A return is thus (unfortunately) rather unlikely.

The chances of Italy returning in 2011: 5%

Liechtenstein has never participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, although it had tried in 1980. Back then the microstate didn’T have a TV station, which is a condition to participate. This year they have a channel, which has already applied for membership at the EBU. If they are accepted they will most certainly send an entry to Germany.

The chances of Liechtenstein debuting in 2011: 80%

What do you think?

3 comments on “Will they return?

  1. What’s about Luxembourg, Andorra and Monaco which were “classical” participants in the past?
    And what’s about Czech Republic and Hungary?

  2. good news , but I want my half country Czech Republic
    Nicky from Belgium

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